Staff Leasing

Booth & Partners are establishing a co-employment relationship where we can help you provide cost-effective employee benefits, manage a payroll system, and recruit from the best talent pool. Focus on growing your business without these administrative burdens. Outsource employee leasing where the HR-related services are more in-depth.

Get and keep a great team

Grow in an increasingly global marketplace with your own team of professionals and specialists in specific fields recruited by Booth and Partners. We offer staff leasing services with the benefits of reduced administrative costs, quality employee benefits, and expert human resource management.

Gain a competitive advantage

Leverage can change your life and you business, by partnering with us, you gain the leverage you need. We give you the necessary edge to:

  1. Stay focused on growth and business development
  2. Reduce overhead and operating expenditures
  3. Create more flexible business operations
  4. Allow us to provide high-level support your business needs.

We are your virtual IT and HR arm managing office operations and ensuring quality standards. Direct and communicate with your offshore staff through email, phone, or a project management software.

Tell us what your staffing requirements are, we’ll assemble a dedicated and talent-driven staff, and like we’ve promised, scale your organisation quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Getting started with our offshore staff leasing service is simple. Here’s how it works:

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