Marketing Officer

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Marketing & Communications FlexiPlace


  • Build out CRM so that all firm leads/contacts are in one easy to use platform (CRM).
  • Consistently market our monthly webinars via email and social media to appropriate firm contacts using CRM.
    • Use Initial Email from PR company to develop/create social media posts and more edgy email (photos, graphics, links, etc.).
    • Post on all attorneys LinkedIn accounts/other social media.
    • Weekly emails to full contact list (reduced as necessary).
    • Consider subscription or other email process/mail chimp to make sure we are not bothering contacts who do not want to receive information regarding the webinars.
    • Manage graphic design to make marketing edgy.
    • Create post webinar email with link to recorded webinar.
    • Track and report on webinar marketing data (opened email/didn’t open, and if the email led to a sign up).
  • Generate content and internal (existing contacts) and external (Social Media/Blog) “touches” more consistently – LinkedIn Posts, Blogs, Facebook, Emails
    •  If desired by guests on Webinars – Generate LinkedIn post and Email for third party guests on Webinar (to the extent any different than ours)
  • Consistently nudge teammates for new content and then push new information (even bite-sized nuggets such as new governor’s Order, new legislation, new deals that closed, new case law, etc.).
  • Work with our team and PR firm for alignment with marketing goals, webinars, website, and strategy.
    • Attend monthly call with PR firm.
  • Create consistent email and social media marketing campaign and plan for monthly or quarterly marketing, as well as one-off campaigns for future events.
  • Track success of marketing efforts, webinars, posts, etc.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing, or any related course
  • At least 2-3 years of experience in Digital Marketing
  • Proven track record in successfully handling a digital marketing campaign including social media, email marketing campaigns, content generation, and creatives
  • Experience in handling Zoho or any CRM
  • Able to work in Makati City as required (power outages, intermittent internet connection, etc.)