The progress of technology and many other factors can bring about changes in the business landscape. Such innovations may bring better opportunities for businesses of all sizes and industries to grow. However, there’s still more work to do, which means executives and decision-makers need to focus on their functions to meet company objectives.

And with all the responsibilities, it’s easy to forget and oversee those seemingly menial yet necessary tasks. General and administrative job, or back-office support, would then need to be delegated to those who have the skills for it. Through these tasks, business insights required to make smarter decisions can be unearthed.

Why outsource?

Thanks to technological advancements, you can reach out even to the farthest region of the globe to find the right people to do back-office support for you. Finance and accounting outsourcing companies in the Philippines and other countries are readily available through email and social media, allowing you to tap the talents without breaking the bank.

Make better data-driven decisions by outsourcing accounting and finance tasks to companies that specialize in those services like Booth & Partners.

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Accounting functions are often outsourced due to its specialized nature that is labor-intensive. The specialization makes it costly for businesses, especially SMEs. To remedy this, some companies hire remote staff instead. That way, they can still guarantee best practices and focus on core operations without the high labor costs.

From bookkeeping to smarter business decisions

You can build a business with a great idea, but to create a successful one, you need the keen insights pulled from real-world data to make the right decisions every single time. This is where accounting and finance tasks come in, as they are ways to determine your financial standing, allowing you to track your business’ progress and know where to put expansion programs.

Whether you want reports done or have a team do your company’s full accounting cycle, Booth & Partners assure quality services that are tailored to your needs. Without a cash flow or income statement, or a cash disbursement schedule, it’s hard to strengthen your business’ foundation; you may even experience interruption with your operations.

Why accounting and bookkeeping services in the Philippines is better

Cultural, language, and time differences are some of the pitfalls of outsourcing, making it quite tricky to choose where to get a remote staff. However, the Philippines has been one of the leading countries in business process outsourcing (BPO) for years now, and for good reasons.

Filipinos are the ideal accountants for international companies not only because of the country’s respectable reputation in the BPO industry, but because Philippine accounting practices are based on the US and international laws. CPAs and bookkeepers are flexible and can tackle a variety of financial processes like payroll, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, tax compliance, and audit services.

In addition, accounting is taught in English at universities, so you can rest assured that communication will go smoothly.  

Keep your team light and lean

The fewer people you have on your payroll, the more you can invest in expanding and improving your core services. Booth & Partners’ remote accountants can help you do just that.

Comparatively, labor costs in offshore companies are cheaper, but that doesn’t mean that Philippine-based accountants or finance officers are less qualified. That is because offshore companies can easily align with their international client’s hiring and recruitment practices.

In fact, when you acquire outsourcing services, you get more value to your budget because the staff you hire are just as skillful as those you can hire in-house.

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