Right People,
Right Solutions.

We help businesses find more flexibility and achieve a better way of working. If you need to get things done, use B&P as an extension of your team to build faster, drive growth and transform your business.

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Who We Are

Started in 2013 by CEO Carmen Booth and Managing Director Jamie Booth with a vision to provide businesses from all around the world with their own full-time, first-rate offshore team in the Philippines.
Our smart tailored outsourcing and HR solutions deliver high-quality results with reduced operating costs for companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

We help businesses achieve their goals by improving productivity and corporate focus through sourcing top-notch talent who can keep pace with the performance of an in-house team for a significantly lower cost.

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One Goal,
One Tribe.

The fabric of our company culture is created everyday by all of the driven, committed people who work with us. We recognize and value our people as our most important asset in achieving each of our goals. At B&P, we value the ideas of our employees, supporting a culture that fosters thought leadership and a positive environment to work in. Our employees are collectively called “Tribe,” borrowing from its anthropological idea of shared culture and the enduring spirit of togetherness.

An engaging, enjoyable company culture can attract the right talent, and can also inspire employees to perform at their best. The culture sets the tone and outlines our values and this ultimately drives Booth & Partners under a common vision.


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We’re Great Place to Work® Certified!

This is what
we believe in.

B&P is a values-driven company, and our values are fundamental to how we approach the
work that we do. For us this embodies the values, behaviors, and shared vision that
contribute to the environment of our organization.

Demonstrating our values – and the behaviors associated with them – is as important as the
results of our work. And those values manifest not only in how we relate to each other but
how we exist in the world. How we make an impact is just as important as the impact itself.

That includes our commitment to a holistic employee experience and sustainability.

Learn more about our values below.

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Our employee survey shows that 96% of our employees think that Booth & Partners is able to live by its core values.


150+ Global Clients.
We have partnered with companies of all sizes, around the world.

Our partnerships transcend conversations, meetings and production schedules. Booth & Partners becomes an extension of your team, achieving a balance between our methodology and yours. We trust this process.

Open and flexible communication sets the tone in our company’s culture. With heart and hustle, we work together to deliver the top-quality, tailored solutions our clients expect. Our clients know they can rely on us not only to be professional and inventive, but to work continually to generate a deeper understanding of their business.

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We’re Great Place to Work® Certified!

It’s official! Thanks to our people, we’re proud to have earned a Great Place to Work® Certification™. Our company culture is our top priority! #GPTWcertified


Scale with Complete Security

Delivering high-grade security that can accommodate complex and
secure environments for your business needs. Our proven ability to
meet the industry standards for data security and safe operations is
trusted by many brands since 2013.

Outsource with peace of mind. We meet international data privacy and
security laws and protocols to provide you with complete protection.

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Strict candidate screening and selection process with NDA
(Non-Disclosure Agreement) to help protect all your data and

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Strict computer security policy for both office and home-based
environments ensures maximum security.

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Our internal network is protected and monitored for
performance and security.

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We implement and maintain best data protection practices
and standards in keeping important information safe.

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We are HIPAA compliant and meet the standards of the
Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules of HIPAA.

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We are fully compliant with the global security standard PCI DSS
to deliver secure credit card payments and a peace of mind to
all of our customers.

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