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Outsourcing to the Philippines is a well-known concept for organizations all over the world. In the past few decades, the country has become a leading global hub for outsourcing, attracting foreign businesses and multinational companies due to its lower business costs and highly-skilled workforce that can cater to any time zone.

Offshoring to the Philippines can offer significant benefits to companies seeking to rapidly scale up their operations. With the country’s talented workforce, businesses can provide top-notch customer service while expanding their reach beyond their home country.

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Leading the Way

At the helm of our operations in the Philippines is Sang Won Hwang, a seasoned executive bringing a wealth of experience in creating, developing, and scaling successful teams in India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

His decade of journey as a visiting Professor at the University of Virginia, teaching courses on Social Entrepreneurship as well as his background in creating non-profit organizations in Kazakhstan enable him to create unique learning systems in emerging markets. His competitive nature bode well with our B&P Culture.

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The Philippines: Your Gateway to
High-Quality Offshore Outsourcing

The Philippines has become a leading global hub for outsourcing, with its business process outsourcing (BPO) industry being a significant driver of the economy.

It is expected that the BPO industry will contribute about 29 billion USD to the Philippine economy, providing employment to over 1.4 million professionals across a thousand companies. This is a remarkable growth from the industry’s humble beginnings in 2004 with just over 100,000 workers, and the numbers have continued to surge over time.

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Why outsource to Philippines

6 Reasons Why Philippines is a Global
Outsourcing Destination

  • 1.7 Million

    Workforce in BPO Industry

  • 64.50%

    Labor Force Participation Rate

  • 96.29%

    2023 Literacy Rate

  • Timezone Neutral

    24/7 Staffing

  • Ranked 22nd Globally

    out of 111 Countries
    in English Proficiency

  • Well-Established BPO Industry

    Now spanning a history of over 25 years

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