Talent Specializations

Our goal is to provide quality and dedicated staff for your business.
Our Philippines offshore staffing services cover the following roles.

Administrative tasks, although a necessary aspect of keeping your company organized, naturally take up a lot of time and resources.

Many businesses opt for back-office outsourcing. This solution is not only safe and effective, but it also offers advanced technology at cost-effective prices. Making it affordable for both small and medium enterprises that may choose this for their organization.

The smart outsourcing solutions of Booth & Partners will help you with your back office needs such as:

  • Data Processing
  • Accounting
  • HR Support
  • Personal Assistant
  • Insurance Support

From Raw to Processed Data

Data conversion and processing are necessary steps in any organization of any size because the information it forms are used in decision-making. Collection, entry, processing, conversion, analysis, and presentation of data are obviously time-consuming and tedious tasks, and the entire process can be cost- and resource-intensive.

To outsource data entry to the Philippines is a smart move if you want to cut operating and management costs significantly on your data processing solutions, allowing you to invest your resources to other key aspects of your business instead.

Deciding to hire data entry companies in the Philippines for back-office support can be beneficial in many ways:

  • They have the technical resources to capture and enter data in different formats
  • There is less chance of having inconsistent data
  • They can analyze complex statistics to know more about your business, stakeholders, customers, and competitors

Highly-abled Accountants

At Booth & Partners, you have access to outsourced accountants handling tasks such as payroll processing, bookkeeping, tax compliance, financial report, and auditing, among many others.

Philippine-based talents are ideal for international companies, as most of them are knowledgeable in practices based on US law and can easily communicate in English.

Essential HR Practices

An outsourced service provider for different HR functions who can efficiently run your back-office support is critical to your company’s success. HR functions like Recruitment, Staff Retention and Payroll are a must, but smaller businesses may not have the resources to run an in-house department.

Let Booth & Partners help lessen the workload of your back-office, so you have more time to focus on your business objectives and accomplish them.

A Trustworthy Associate

Many administrative tasks can be assigned to an assistant. Fortunately, with outsourcing, you can have a Personal or Virtual Assistant whom you can delegate some of your tasks to wherever they may be in the world.

Imagine having someone do data entry from the Philippines for you through Booth & Partners. Having someone manage your calendar, send emails, make travel arrangements, and do research frees up your time and allows you to work more efficiently.

The more time you have in your hands, the more time you can spend on your core idea or specialization.

Assurance for Insurance

Insurance companies started outsourcing tasks for cost and process efficiency, but it has also allowed them to be innovative and improve customer satisfaction. Outsourced Insurance Support has provided more strategic assistance that focuses on long-term value and development.

Skill shortage in Insurance Support is addressed, and advanced analytics technology became the norm thanks to outsourced service providers.

Partner with Us

Data entry outsourcing companies in the Philippines like Booth & Partners offer businesses big and small the chance to improve their back-office support.

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Instant messaging, social networks, video chat, voice over IP, broadcast media, audiovisual processing, and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions—from the simplest forms to the complex mechanisms, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have radically changed both a common man’s life and the corporate world.

Thanks to the convergence of several technologies and data and communication transmission lines, ICT in the Philippines and all over the world have provided you an array of new means to communicate in real-time wherever you are, helping shape a global village along the way.

For businesses, ICT means opportunities and conveniences that save costs like automated processes and big data revolution for insights on possible new products and services. It can also improve revenue and customer service engagement.

The boons come with banes, though, as these have also allowed crime to go digital. Criminals can gain access to systems to do unlawful acts like stealing money, intellectual property, or private information, and wreak havoc on systems that manipulate vital infrastructure.

Ensure your company’s safety and safeguard your ICT systems and infrastructure by outsourcing IT consulting firms. Have access to ICT experts without the additional costs of staffing and management through Booth & Partners.   

System and Network Administration

Nowadays, it’s necessary to run a business through computer networks to streamline processes and tasks and make things simpler. That makes having a talent that can run your System and Network Administration.

The cost of IT support proficiency can be expensive. Outsourcing Information Technology experts are your best bet for a cost-effective, top-level IT support. Aside from their tech know-how, Philippine-based talents are also trained to communicate well with international clients, enabling them to provide better services.

Website Development and Design

In the global village, online presence gives your business an edge. Through great design, the website can capture an audience and help achieve the company’s online goals. This goes together with website development, which takes care of its functionality through programming languages like PHP, ASP, .NET, Ruby, and Java, and databases like SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle.

Creating and setting up a website can be challenging. Some companies resort to pre-packaged solutions or templates, but it can be difficult to change its form and design to adapt to growth.

Creating internet business solutions requires technical skill, especially for those that need in-depth customized development. Make it less labor intensive and costly for your company by subcontracting web designers and developers. This is your opportunity to work with specialists who can help you create a flexible, well-suited site depending on your needs.

Fail-Proof Applications through Software Development

Software development is a complex task that needs planning, expertise, and discipline. However, not all companies have the workforce for it. Don’t be a statistic and avoid project failure by hiring proficient software developers who can avoid cost overruns, missing functionality, and schedule delays.

Outsourcing IT to the Philippines as your software development partner can boost the chance for success. The accomplishment of the sector has helped it grow at a fast rate of around 40% each year.

Graphic Design

Outside of media, advertising agencies, publishers, marketers, and other design-related companies have filled the void for graphic design needs. Good design is labor-intensive and is a specialized skill, making it pricey for clients.

Cut costs by up to 70% without compromising the quality of your design and staying efficient. IT companies in the Philippines like Booth & Partners offer graphic design services to international clients at an inexpensive price with the help of professional and talented designers.

Take control of the power of ICT for your business. Let Booth & Partners show you how today.

Alignment keeps people in the loop and ensures that every employee in the company have the same discipline to achieve the organization’s goals, which should include maintaining a positive customer experience. Integrate your Marketing and Customer Support to accomplish that.

Enabling your marketing and customer service teams to communicate and collaborate is the first step to providing the best experience. When marketing knows and presents what the customers want from the company, customer support gets nothing but positive feedback. Naturally, when there’s no synergy and clients are disappointed, businesses experience loss.

When there’s cooperation between marketing and customer support, clients are likely to remain, back the brand, and spend more for its products and services—all because they are satisfied with what they are getting at its value.

Outsource your Marketing and Customer Support personnel to a company like Booth & Partners and enjoy the benefits of having skilled marketers and customer service agents.

Going Traditional Through Telesales

The internet and social media have significantly helped in customer support, but it is Telesales that started it all. This traditional method is still useful in converting new customers and handling complaints or queries.

Truthfully, it’s not easy or cheap to have in-house telemarketers, especially for small and medium businesses. Aside from training the workforce, there’s also the consideration for proper hardware and software, which make outsourcing a standard for many companies.  

In addition, you can offshore your telesales department to a country like the Philippines so that you have available support 24/7. You minimize the risk of missing calls and still maintain the high quality of agents.

Addressing Concerns Through Customer Service

Keeping a harmonious relationship with your clients is key to growing your business, which is why it’s essential to maintain your customers’ high satisfaction levels with your products and services through customer service.

Customer service usually takes place during a transaction like making a sale or returning an item, and can be done in-person or on the phone, self-service systems, and internet, to name a few.

Employ courteous and empathetic outsourced agents for customer interaction who can address issues promptly and on time.

Immediate Responses Through Live Chat

More and more people are opting for Live Chat Support to report complaints and ask questions at customer service representatives. But more than that, it has also become the preferred channel for converting leads, especially for e-commerce companies.

Another benefit of Live Chat comes when you choose to outsource your team—it opens the opportunity for after-office support so that you can offer services even at night. Be strategic and have timely choices for your web visitors to enhance satisfaction.

Friendly Interaction Through Community Moderation

Social networking sites have allowed businesses to set up channels outside of their website to engage with customers. But the real-time nature of these channels cannot readily filter user-generated content that may be disparaging or offensive not only to your company, but also to other people. This gave birth to community management and moderation as a standard.

Outsourcing community moderation can protect your brand and community from risks, explicit content, offenders, or stolen content, and minimizes conflict among members. It’s also a way to promote your brand’s message.

Inexpensive Marketing Through Email

Email marketing allows businesses to improve brand awareness, gain new customers, foster loyalty, engage, increase sales, and understand consumer behavior to better themselves. This quick and economical means to interact is still effective today, especially when appropriately managed, as it can drive high ROI. 

However, experienced and skilled professionals are still necessary to create and manage email marketing campaigns, which entails a high cost. Through outsourcing, your business can have access to email marketing talent without the ridiculous price.

Seamlessly integrate your marketing and customer support efforts with Booth & Partners now.