Careers FAQs

Looking for info about working at Booth & Partners? We’re here to provide you with answers to questions commonly asked about our careers site, our recruitment process, and some tips about our hiring process. Read through the following answers on popular topics to set yourself up for success.

If you are a differently-abled person and need special assistance to proceed with your application, please let us know by sending an email at

Why Join Us

Why should I apply and join Booth & Partners? (perks, benefits, culture, compensation) / What employee benefits do Booth & Partners offer?

We believe in providing the best package that aligns with our employees’ needs and priorities. Our standard benefits package includes government-mandated benefits, leave benefits, healthcare coverage, and life insurance.

    • Premium Healthcare coverage & Life Insurance
      You get a premium HMO from day 1 with 24/7 Teleconsult service
    • Amazing Employee Experience
      Work-life integration, Rewards and Incentives, Engagement activities
    • Growth and Learning
      In-house and External Training Programs and Career Advancement Opportunities
    • Paid Referral Program
      If employees refer us to someone amazing and that person gets hired, you receive a cash bonus for helping us improve our team.
    • Convenient and Affordable Financial Solutions
      We’ve unlocked financial power at work! We’ve partnered with a salary finance platform to provide our employees with fair, convenient, and affordable financial solutions.

What is the culture like at Booth & Partners?

The fabric of our company culture is created every day by all of the driven, committed people who work with us. We recognize and value our people as our most important assets in achieving both our company and client’s goals.

We bring a spirit of innovation to our employee engagement and wellness
initiatives and give you the same energy and care as our core products and services and we believe this is what makes our approach exceptional. We always have been people first and understand our employees’ well-being from a holistic perspective.

Where is Booth & Partners located?

Booth & Partners’ main office is located at the center of Makati Business District with office address at BDO Towers Paseo, 8741 Paseo de Roxas, Makati, Metro Manila. Apart from this, we have strategically located office spaces around Makati City.

Our workspaces are designed with an intention and purpose to cue and sustain good work habits and create a real work environment. We want to focus on what really matters: impacting people and processes through physical space, top-notch amenities, and high-grade facilities that support our operations.

Workspace Features:

  • Well-designed work zones
  • Private Office Spaces
  • Open Work Area
  • Break-out Room
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Lounge
  • Interview Pods

Professional Amenities:

  • Super-Fast Internet Connection
  • 24/7 High-Security Access
    (biometric scan)
  • Concierge & IT Support
  • Meeting Rooms (with SMART TV
    and Video conferencing)
  • Pantry and Sleeping Quarters
  • Cleaning Services

To see more of our office facilities and workplace features, visit Our Office page.

What is the work arrangement at Booth & Partners? Do you offer remote job positions?

Yes, we offer remote job positions. Apart from this, we also have different work arrangement options depending on the campaign. 23% of our employees are on a permanent work-from-home, 36% are on FlexiPlace or hybrid, and 41% are in-office setup.

Check out our open roles for remote work setup on our Careers page.

What’s the best way to stay updated on job opportunities at Booth & Partners?

Stay up-to-date with the latest job opportunities at Booth & Partners! Follow us on our social media pages. You may also check out our careers page anytime.

Apply for a Job

What is the Booth & Partners’ recruitment process?

Our recruitment process is thorough, purposeful, and is designed to ensure that we help you achieve your desired career path. Here are our 4 simple steps on how to apply for a job online:

  • Application – This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself.
  • Initial Interview & Online Assessment – If you are a perfect match for the job you’ve applied for or for other roles, one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will invite you for an online interview and will assist you throughout the entire hiring process. You will also be asked to take different types of assessments depending on the role you’ve applied for.
  • Interviews – After the initial interview and online assessments, you will get a chance to be interviewed by the campaign’s supervisor or go directly for the final interview with the hiring manager to further assess your qualifications and culture fit.
  • Job Offer & Onboarding – This is the final step of the hiring process. You will receive an update on your final interview results, and if you passed, you will be invited to discuss your employment contract, compensation and benefits package, and employment requirements.
Tipbox IconTip When Applying:

Log in to the meeting 15 minutes prior to the schedule and test your video camera and audio. Ace your interview by reviewing the company profile and job description. Wearing smart casual attire would be greatly appreciated too! And most importantly, do your best and be yourself. You got this!

And oh! Make sure to highlight all your qualifications clearly to get more chances of getting hired.

How do I submit my application for a specific job position?

Applying for a job at Booth & Partners is easy. Follow these simple steps:

    • Check out the open roles on our Careers page.
    • Select the job position you want to apply for.
    • Simply click the “I’m interested” button on the job description page and fill out the form.

If you are a differently-abled person and need assistance with your application, let us know by sending an email at We will gladly help you throughout your application process.

Tip When Submitting an Application:

Fill out all the details and don’t leave anything blank. Double-check all the info before submitting and have the right documents with you.

Attach your most updated CV. Make sure that the employment history is detailed, providing relevant information on your skills and experiences from your previous employers (if there are any).

Can I apply for more than one job position?

You may focus on a role you think would best fit for you. During the application process, our team will assess your skills and knowledge to profile you for the role that best suits you.


If you’re interested in other job positions too, better make it clear from the start. This will allow our team to quickly profile you for another role you’re interested in.

After submitting my application, how long is the waiting period before getting any update from your Talent Acquisition team?

Our Talent Acquisition team will provide you with regular updates on your application. They will guide and assist you all throughout the process.

We have auto-emails in place to ensure we welcome you as soon as you apply. You also get email notifications on the spot in every stage of the Talent Acquisition process regardless of the outcome.

It will take about 48 to 72 hours (2 to 3 days) for someone from the Talent Acquisition team to connect and update you and process your application.

Need assistance with your application?

If you need assistance with your application, send us an email at or contact us through the following:

  • 0917 632 2994 (Globe)
  • 0919 072 5075 (Smart)

I have special needs, how do I apply?

We offer equal opportunity to all. If you are a differently-abled person and need special assistance to proceed with your application, please let us know by sending an email at

Interview Preparation

How does the interview process work?

The purpose of B&P interviews is to help us get to know you better and provide you the opportunity to ask us questions and find out more about us. Most interviews last for about 30 minutes.

Given the current pandemic situation, we have shifted to a virtual interviewing process. When you’re shortlisted for the role you applied for, we will send you an invite through email which includes the schedule and the Zoom link.

Interview Tip:

Before going on an interview, research the company and the industry. Take note to highlight relevant experiences and achievements, listen carefully, be conversational, and ask questions.

Some candidates introduce themselves by reading their CVs. Note that we have already read your CV and we want to get to know you beyond what’s written so better to come prepared with a couple of fun facts about yourself.

What to Expect Post Interview

How can I check the status of my application? / What’s the best way to contact one of your Talent Acquisition Specialists?

The Talent Acquisition Specialist assigned to you will ensure that you are provided regular updates on the progress of your application. This will be done through email, call, or text message, whichever is the best way to get in touch with you.

If you have questions and concerns, send an email to or get in touch through the following contact numbers:

  • 0917 632 2994 (Globe)
  • 0919 072 5075 (Smart)

How soon will I know if a hiring decision has been made? In case I don’t get hired for the specific job role I applied for, will I be considered for other job positions in the company?

Our Talent Acquisition team will ensure to keep you posted with updates on the role you’re applying for. We will let you know as soon as the hiring decision has been made. If your background fits another job position available, we will immediately ask for your insights if you will be interested in applying for another role.