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Database Admin

Database Admin

Our database administrators maintain functionality and smooth data flow, focusing on both backend structure and user-friendly frontend access.

  • Data Recovery, Security, SQL
  • Algorithmic problem solving
  • Database Design, Coding, and DBA case tools

Their impact on your business…

  • Reliable data management
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced security
System Admin

System Admin

Our system administrators oversee operations, configure new software/hardware, and monitor the performance of servers and networks.

  • Scripting language
  • LAN/WAN Networks
  • System security techniques

Their impact on your business…

  • Maintain reliable systems
  • Data security
  • Business continuity
Network Admin

Network Admin

Our network administrators secure data networks, configure, maintain, and monitor equipment for smooth operations.

  • Server infrastructure management
  • Firewalls, VPN remote implementation, troubleshooting

Their impact on your business…

  • Network security
  • Efficient troubleshooting
  • Optimized network performance

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