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Hannah Reas

Team Leader

“I’ve always felt being part of a wonderful team working here at Booth &Partners. The Management, Work Atmosphere, and performance here is a great epitome of an awesome working place. Love working here at Booth!”

Recca Villarey, Team Leader

Miguel Mancera

Team Leader

“A strong supportive culture with consistent communication with upper management on professional performance and growth. B&P offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards efforts, and ensures that people know their work is meaningful.”

Hannah Reas, Team Leader

Recca Villarey

Team Leader

“Great company culture where everyone is driven and working in parallel towards a common goal. Consistent communication with upper management on professional performance and growth.”

Miguel Mancera, Team Leader

Values that Shape Who We Are

Being goal-minded only stirs our lives for a moment, while being growth-minded, that’s forever. We worry less about looking smart and put more energy into action and improvement.

We set and achieve ambitious goals. At Booth & Partners, we are brilliant in finding opportunity and developing great talent. We expect our people to follow through on their best ideas and make them happen.

We are happy, high-achieving and focused. We find the right balance between meaningful work and paying attention to other important aspects of our lives.  We all come to work with a positive energy and enthusiasm.

Our people are all responsible for drawing on and strengthening their skills and achieving the best results, for coming up with new ideas and solutions and for contributing to the drive, energy and creativity of the overall culture of our tribe.

We’re inquisitive and open to change and new ideas from our tribe, customers and other leaders. We understand that the critical ingredient to being adaptable is to remain effective when everything is changing. So we explore new ways to continually grow our business through teamwork and shared knowledge.

We have a deep understanding and proactive strategy around client experience, and we allow our client to connect and engage with us each in every step of the journey.  When clients do business with us, we show that we are equally invested in them. We hire for it, train for it and deliver it to ensure total client satisfaction.


Perks of the Job

Growth & Learning

We want you to flourish and learn. Every person has the chance to grow in their respective roles at Booth & Partners through hands-on experience, learning and mentorship.

Amazing Culture

We have created an open culture where we can survive, evolve and thrive. We believe in the philosophy of collective creativity and collective responsibility. It’s really the people that make B&P the kind of company that it is.

Cool Office

Our office has a very collaborative work environment with a unique urban industrial design. We understand that a happy office environment fosters a company that makes their people happy to complete the job.

Unlimited Coffee

Coffee breaks create a positive office culture. We keep the pantry stocked with homegrown coffee to keep you focused and going while you save your budget.

Leaves & Benefits

Medical/Health Insurance Benefits, Paid Leaves, Birthday Leaves and Emergency Leaves.

Rewards & Experiences

Tangible rewards and connections that will lead you to healthier and positive experiences with others.

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