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At Booth & Partners, we tackle complex challenges together, work hard, high-five, and celebrate. With over 100 years of combined experience, we are experts in our fields. Together, we cultivate a culture committed to providing our partners & people with support and open communication. It is our dedication and our culture that sets us apart from others.

Carmen Booth
CEO, Co-Founder

Jamie Booth
Managing Director, Co-Founder 

Sang Won Hwang
Country Manager, Philippines

Michelle Malonzo
Chief of Staff

Chad Chambers
Head of Organizational
Excellence & Workspace

Chris Mueller
Head of Sales

Suselle Mueller
Country Manager, Colombia

Pearl Pugay
Head of Client Services
and Operations

Ryan Alit
Senior Client Services &
Operations Manager

Ron Ocampo
Senior IT Manager

Crisanto Suratos
Accounting Manager

Liz Dela Cuesta
Talent Acquisition Manager

Candice Madrona
Junior Talent Acquisition Manager

Ana Rosaura
Junior Talent Acquisition Manager

Sasha Molino
People & Culture Manager

Isabella Kubota
Marketing Manager

Erica De Guzman
Training & Quality Manager

Queency de Vera
Finance Manager

Joren Davis
Business Development Manager

Angela Lucus
Business Development Manager

Rusty Ada
Operations Manager

Kristal Vergara
Client Services Manager

Njay De Vera
Client Services Manager

Ida Fabroliña
Client Services Manager

Jay Ostonal
Client Services Manager

Dennis Serra
Operations Manager

Thea Rodriguez
Executive Project Manager

Josef Cardinoza
Innovative Solutions Lead

Janson Rosales
Tech Success Lead

Jona Salili
Procurement Lead

Diego Rueda Hernández
People Operations Senior Leader, Colombia

Iovanna Vargas Bernal
Talent Acquisition Senior Leader, Colombia

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