Environmental & Social Responsibility

Our sustainable impact is more than just customer work. We genuinely strive to play our part in helping achieve a sustainable future by integrating sustainability into all areas of our decision-making.

B&P Unwrapped

Our goal is to ensure our environmental commitments become an integral part of our day-to-day activities, that we find ways to continually improve our environmental performance and operate in a responsible manner. To this end, we commit to doing the following on an ongoing basis: reduce our environmental footprint, support environmental organizations, and enhance employee well-being. We developed a sustainability campaign called, “B&P Unwrapped” as a platform for these initiatives and it operates on three levels.

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Going Climate Neutral

Going Climate Neutral

Offsetting and reducing our carbon footprint

One of our environmental goals as a company is to offset our greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Aside from becoming a Climate Neutral certified brand, some other strategies we do to offset are providing a flexible or remote work setup and installing LED lights in our offices. Learn more on how to be Climate Neutral certified. Get involved by donating, volunteering, and spreading awareness. Visit their website.

1% for the planet

1% For The Planet

Playing a vital role in reversing our impact

1% for the Planet connects us with highly vetted environmental non-profit organizations. Through 1% for the Planet, we found an innovative and accessible way to support the environment and contribute to its preservation. As a 1% for the Planet member, we are committed to supporting its cause and its partner organizations. Our first 1% for the Planet partner is Save Philippine Seas, an organization that helps conserve the Philippines’ coastal and marine resources through education, information, communication campaigns, and community-based initiatives. Read this article to learn more.

Haribon Foundation

Haribon Foundation

Encouraging sustainability and biodiversity conservation

Started in 1972, Haribon Foundation is a leader in nature conservation through community empowerment and scientific excellence. Partnering with them allows us to take part in the organization’s initiatives by sharing the knowledge with people and supporting nature conservation projects and sustainability efforts

Choosing Sustainability

Choosing Sustainability

Engaging our tribe in a culture of sustainability

Becoming a sustainable business doesn’t happen overnight. To really reap the benefits of sustainability, it also needs to be an intrinsic part of our company culture.

Here are some ways we embed sustainable practices into everyday business life:

reduce the use of plasticReduce the use of plastic

We encourage our tribe to stop using single-use plastics such as plastic cups and utensils. Instead, we remind them to utilize reusable materials like tumblers.

conserve energyConserve energy

We constantly remind the tribe to conserve energy by turning off the lights and other materials that require energy when not in use whether in the office or at the comfort of their homes.

use sustainable transportationUse sustainable transportation

One of our initial actions is allowing some of our people to work from home to reduce carbon emissions. Aside from this, we encourage them to use sustainable transportation when going out as much as possible. A few examples of this are biking, carpooling, transit, and green vehicles.

spread environmental awarenessEngage in active communication about sustainability

We continuously educate our tribe on important environmental issues, provide them opportunities to brainstorm, and encourage them to practice a sustainable lifestyle.

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