Vision & Values

Core Values that Shape Who We Are

Make it Happen

We live to beat the status quo. Whatever stage of our journey, we will do our best to enable innovation and optimize our knowledge so that we can most effectively assist our customers while gaining an edge. We empower our tribe to be autonomous and self-sufficient to drive great outcomes for our customers.

Dare to Think Differently

Thinking Differently = Greater Innovation. At the heart of our success are highly collaborative and inquisitive individuals who are always willing to welcome fresh and new ideas through team work, collaborative diversity, and shared knowledge.

A Culture of Accountability

We promote individual accountability and collective responsibility. We put our trust in our people to make the right choices and take responsibility for the decisions, actions, and results. At B&P, our bigger purpose is to make sure that we are successful as a tribe/team, and this value is where our sense of belonging and collective care kicks in.

Work-life Balance

Finding the right balance between meaningful work and paying attention to other important aspects of our lives is something we do. We are a happy, high-achieving, and focused organization that promotes the importance of play and productivity.

Social & Environmental Commitment

We continually strive to do more with less.

We work in honest ways that take full consideration of environmental and social impacts. In our efforts to help preserve our planet, we do our best to lighten our ecological footprint, cut our waste, and bring in resources in an ethically and environmentally responsible way.