The Role of Outsourced Data Entry in Improving Business Operations

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Outsourcing data entry services is ideal for businesses seeking to maintain a clean database while minimizing costs. But why should you care about a good data entry process in the first place? And how does it affect your business operations exactly?

Let’s explore what data entry is and the advantages of outsourcing this process to specialists.

How Can Data Entry Positively Affect Your Business Operations?

If you’re new to the term, data entry occurs when you enter raw data into an electronic database. Raw data can be any physical document or printed information. These can be receipts or information from survey forms you handed out to your customers. An electronic database, meanwhile, is a virtual space where you store information. Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are popular options among data entry specialists, but you can also use more technical tools like Airtable, Python, and SQL databases.

Your data entry process can dictate the quality of your decisions in the long run. Its effects on your business operations ripple. With good data, your management team can make smarter business decisions. For instance, it can inform them about:

  • ways to improve customer relationships,
  • effective sales and marketing strategies,
  • cost-cutting opportunities,
  • products or services that drive the most and least sales,
  • inefficient technology and processes,
  • and other factors that can affect a company’s profitability.

However, data entry can also get repetitive and time-consuming — and doing it in-house may no longer be practical.


The Challenges of In-House Data Entry

Here’s the reality: For most businesses, data entry is not a core function. On top of this, maintaining an in-house data entry team is challenging due to:

1. Lack of qualified in-house data entry specialists

Data entry specialists are professionals who are trained to work with data. And if you think that all they do is encode data, then you have to think again. These professionals uphold a high standard of accuracy and efficiency. They’re experts at collecting, organizing, and digitizing data using different software.

If your business lacks both the technical know-how and equipment to manage these professionals, it can be a sign to look for external providers who specialize in this role.

2. Limited bandwidth to do data entry tasks

Doing data entry work consumes a significant amount of time. Its repetitive nature also takes a lot of mental energy. Wouldn’t it be better if your in-house talents shifted their focus to your high-priority projects so you can make better use of their intelligence and skills?

3. Growing overhead costs

To do data entry work effectively, you need to invest in:

  • Hiring qualified data entry professionals
  • Training and development
  • Proper equipment and software

The costs of these items can become an unnecessary overhead for your business, especially if you’re looking for ways to reduce business costs.


Advantages of Outsourcing Your Data Entry

Aside from getting your hands off this tedious task, here’s what you can expect when outsourcing data entry services.

1. You are working with data industry pros.

Data entry outsourcing companies can help you find and hire professionals who meet the experience and qualifications you’re looking for —from typing speed and computer skills to attention to detail; you name it. They also conduct regular training to align their employees’ skills and knowledge with industry standards.

2. A clean, well-organized database

You can also expect to have your data sets reviewed by a quality assurance team. For a detail-specific task like data entry, having your data undergo QA is valuable. Through this, you’ll be more confident in having a clean and well-organized database.

Moreover, suppose you have concerns about the quality of output you receive. In that case, this department can take corrective actions to ensure you receive what you were promised when you started the engagement with their company.

3. Faster turnaround

Outsourcing lets you build a dedicated team of data entry specialists whose primary focus is completing your tasks. Because of this, you can also expect a quicker turnaround, which is essential for making real-time business decisions.

4. Access to your outsourcing partner’s technology and equipment

Outsourcing gives you access to advanced technology systems and equipment, so you no longer need to invest in in-house technology.

5. Long-term cost savings

Outsourcing also makes long-term cost-savings possible. How is it possible?

In most cases, outsourcing lets you work with talents from destinations with lower labor costs — thus, the lower service fees. It also frees you up from investing in new technology and equipment.

Interested in outsourcing data entry but don’t know which tasks to prioritize? These two roles can be a good start:

  • Data entry specialist
  • Researcher

You can also visit Booth & Partners’ website to learn more about these roles.


Best Practices for Managing Your Outsourced Data Entry Team

If you want to get the most out of your outsourcing engagement, you must do your part to make it work. Remember that you still have an active role in managing your outsourced team. You should treat it as a strategic arm of your company, especially in your data management efforts.

Below are some pointers on how you can manage your outsourced team well:

1. Maintain regular communication with your team.

Never leave your team in the dark. Ensure they know what you expect from them — including your requirements and timelines. The same goes for you. Staying updated on your outsourced team’s progress and challenges enables you to address issues promptly and reward milestones whenever possible.

2. Create a well-defined process.

A well-defined process acts like a blueprint for your outsourced team. It lets you specify how you should track progress, the allowable turnaround time for projects, and metrics to gauge performance.

3. Establish quality control systems.

Regular check-ins and validations must also be a part of your process. This way, you can track the quality of the work you receive.

Apart from that, you should also determine when and how to deliver feedback to your outsourced team.


Outsource Data Entry to the Experts

Data entry is a crucial part of your business’s operations. When accurate and relevant data enters your database, your management team can make informed decisions to drive business growth.

Professional data entry specialists at Booth & Partners can make it possible. We can assist you in developing a clean database with accurate and valuable information. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our data entry solutions.

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