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Peak Design


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About the Client

Retail and Manufacturing

Company Name:
Peak Design

Peak Design is a design company that engineers professional grade camera accessories for photographers of all types and abilities.

Peak Design is based in San Francisco with 34 Full time employees with 100+ products and over a hundred people working full time to manufacture those products.

Since 2011, they have raised $15M+ over the course of 6 Kickstarter projects and are now regarded as the world’s most crowdfunded active company.

Business Challenges

Peak Design is undergoing rapid changes and growth and needs an outsourcing partner to help with the customer support and wholesale area of their business.

Being in the retail and hospitality sector, Peak Design experiences seasonal peaks in sales volumes during certain periods of the year. An outsourcing model that can easily be integrated into their order fulfillment and customer service processes is extremely beneficial, particularly in times of peak volume because of the ability of an outsourcing partner to be flexible and available with additional personnel to handle increased customer queries and orders.

Another important business requirement for Peak Design is to be able to provide multi-channel communication and support via emails, live chat and social media to their global customers, which they have found difficult to take up internally without additional support personnel.

Coming from humble roots as a Kickstarter company, Peak Design puts value in their company’s culture — it is their practices that reflect their company’s core values and nurtures its team. For this reason, culture is the lifeblood of their company. Finding an outsourcing company whose goals and culture blend well with theirs is an important factor for building a strong business partnership.

Solutions Provided

Started initially with only 2 staff leased employees (a Team Leader and an Associate) to provide support for Peal Design’s Wholesale Operations. The goal was to prove the outsourcing model successful and scale the team to meet future business requirements. 6 months later, Peak Design chose to outsource their customer service tasks and started with an additional staff of 3 (a Team Leader and 2 Senior Customer Service Associates).

The customer service team started under a fully managed service model where Booth & Partners was responsible for managing day-to-day operations, with KPIs that include CSAT and service levels to meet daily target of handling customer service tickets within a 6-month period. Booth & Partners was toe-to-toe with Peak Design’s US operation. Aside from ensuring performance KPI’s and SLA’s are met, Booth & Partners also had to create an outsourced team that mirrors and speaks of Peak Design’s values and culture.

After another 6-month period, Peak Design was confident in their team and processes to move from a Managed Services model to a Staff Leasing model under the guidance of the Booth & Partners Operations team. To date the Peak Design team has grown to 10 staff which now includes support to its IT and Technical department under a Programmer staff role.

& Added Value

Key Outcomes: Freeing up the client’s local US based resources through outsourcing to B&P and has allowed the client to continue its phenomenal sales growth and reduced internal backlogs in the Wholesale and Customer Service departments.

Technical Highlights: B&P provides a great office environment, located in a safe and secure building in the heart of the Makati CBD. Facilities include fast internet service with multiple redundancies and back-up power and 24/7 IT Support, and technical solutions such as VoIP, CRM and Productivity tools, Business Analysis & Reporting.

Added Value: Finding the right people for the roles and working closely with B&P’s Recruitment arm to identify the right skill sets and hiring requirements. Peak Design now has their own personalized office space within the B&P HQ with full support of a complete Human Resource, IT and Operations Support team excellence.

The Peak Design Team: Mark Wang (Director of Technical Operations), Jojo Legnitto (Wholesale Operations and Logistics Manager), Daniel Chimienti (Sales and customer success) Jen Howell (Logistics and Customer Success) with the B&P founders, Jamie Booth and Carmen Del Rosario Booth and the Manila Team.

Jojo Legnitto and Supriya Limaye of Peak Design with Booth & Partners’ CEO Carmen Booth and Global Operations Manager, Michelle Malonzo, and Peak Design Team Leader for Wholesale Operations (Manila extension team) Francis Samonte

Jojo and Supriya with the team

Daniel Chimienti and Jen Howell’s visits the B&P Manila Headquarters

Peak Design’s own personalized office space at the Booth & Partners’ Headquarters showcasing Peak Design’s latest bags, accessories and photography gears.

Peak Design’s own personalized office space at the Booth & Partners’ Headquarters showcasing Peak Design’s latest bags, accessories and photography gears.

Team Selfie!

Peak Design, CEO, Peter Dering Talks About His Team in Manila

Client Testimonials

B&P Client Testimonial - Peter Dering

“Taking Booth and Partners on as one of our critical business partners has opened incredible doors for Peak Design. We live and work in the Bay Area…a place where it’s notoriously hard to fill and keep positions in the world of customer service and operations. Booth & Partners paves a very sensible path for us. We’re able to obtain super high-quality talent that speaks our brand language 9 time zones away. I highly recommend them as a partner for any business that wants to scale their growth without changing their culture. Adding headcount inevitably does this, but adding headcount at Booth and Partners is like creating a satellite office overnight. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design
B&P Client Testimonial - Jojo Legnitto

“Booth &Partners took the time to expedite our on-boarding process to ensure our growing sales and operations team was fully supported right when we needed it. They are an incredible addition to our team and we are beyond satisfied with their consistent efforts to keep our business adequately staffed and running as efficient as possible.”

Jojo Legnitto, Head of Wholesale Operations

Testimonials from the Team Leaders

B&P TL - Francis Samonte

“Working with Peak Design under Booth and Partners is by far my best working experience for the past 14 years working in the BPO industry. I can say that Booth & Partners is my “second home” because of the strong supportive culture. The best part of my job as a Team Leader is the collaboration within the B&P tribe and working directly with the client. We have gained the trust and confidence of Peak Design and makes us feel like a true extension of their San Francisco team.”

Chyt Samonte, Booth & Partners
Peak Design Wholesale Operations
B&P TL - Chris Sacramento

“What makes Booth & Partners stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. We are very team-driven, and we operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. In a little over a year, our team has grown very quickly, and we continue to succeed because we are a nimble organization that can rise to any challenge. Everyone at B&P is smart, energetic, and fun to work with. We love what we do, and it shows in the strong relationships we have built with our customers.”

Christopher Sacramento, Booth & Partners
Peak Design Customer Service

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