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Softype, Inc.


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About the Client

Information Technology Solutions /
Enterprise Consulting

Company Name:
Softype, Inc.

Softype, Inc. is an IT company that develops unique solutions to help Global businesses address their complex needs and create value through innovative technology solution and consulting practice.

Business Challenges

  Immediate implementation of staffing operations in the Philippines while processing legal documents needed to establish their own local Philippine entity. The goal for the company was to establish a sales presence in the Philippines therefore the sooner that they could tap the Philippine market, the better.

  Recruiting a team can be a challenge in any environment but especially for businesses who are new to the Philippines.

  Softype has a global presence, however, executives of the company are still very much involved in closing sales. This meant more time outside of the office without management oversight of the associates.

Solutions Provided

Softype needed help in manpower selection and payroll / HR management. Booth & Partners offered tangible resources such as recruitment assistance, candidate selection, office space & facilities and the ability to process staff payroll and to manage HR matters. Having this business infrastructure in place allowed Softype to immediately begin evaluating the market potential in establishing a local sales presence.

  Staff and Human Resource Management

  Associate Engagement and Labor

  Relations, Record Keeping

  Operations Oversight and Client Support

  Payroll Processing

Provided facility equipped with:

  Internet-enabled workstation with desk or cubicle, and chair

  Building offers 100% Backup Power

  Multiple Redundant Internet connections with multiple gateways

  On-site Technical support will be available during normal daytime operating hours

  Centralized air-conditioning

& Added Value

Key Outcomes and Benefits:

  Booth & Partners was able to fill Softype’s immediate staffing needs and after a year of Incubation service, Softype was able to build a team of three Lead Generation Specialists based in Manila and a Sales Lead in Cebu. This gave Softype a year’s worth of operations effort and market evaluation as they finalized their documents for a more permanent established presence in the Philippines.

  With Booth & Partners as a recruitment arm, they did not have to worry about paying recruiters or advertising on job portals. Services are offered on a flat rate per employee basis, including admin expenses.

  Bringing a business to a new marketplace is long, arduous and fraught with risks. Partnering with Booth & Partners allowed Softype to mitigate these risks.

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