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Spirit Telecom


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About the Client

Telco and Fibre Optic Internet Provider

Company Name:
Spirit Telecom Limited

Spirit Telecom Pty Ltd is an Internet service provider who provide Australians with super-fast wireless Internet and cloud-based business solutions.

They have their own developed advanced fixed wireless network that range from 25Mbps to 500Mbps for homes to 1Gbps and beyond for business.

Spirit is rated also as Australia’s Over-all fastest ISP for 2015 by PC Mag, Spirit has an incredible team who put customers at the center of everything. As a result, Spirit has some of the highest customer satisfaction and NPS scores in the industry.

Business Challenges

One of Spirit’s business challenges was finding the right outsourcing partner with the required expertise and cultural compatibility. One of their major hurdles was to recover from bad customer service ratings they have incurred from their previous outsourcing partner.

They needed to find a partner who understood their domain well and be able to help them take care of managing internet, networks, HR, on-ground management to provide support and set up a highly-skilled team. These functions have been time-consuming and arduous for them and this critical pain point led Spirit to finding Booth & Partners.

Solutions Provided

Spirit needed staff to cover the different channels of customer support: Customer Care, Network Operations, Provisioning, Finance, Billing and Collections.

  Staff and Human Resource Management

  Associate Engagement and Labor

  Relations, Record Keeping

  Employee On-boarding, Orientation and Off-boarding

  Payroll Processing

  Service Delivery and Day-to-day Operations Management

& Added Value

Key Outcomes: We were able to build a team starting from a full-time support team of 8 and 1 Team Leader. From 9, the team steadily grew into 24 members comprised of 4 different departments (Provisioning, Accounts Payable, Collections, NOC and Customer Care Team).

With our specialized customer support service and with a focus on process improvement, we have helped to significantly increase Spirit’s Customer Satisfaction Score and NPS, while reducing their current backlogs on all customer tickets.

Technical Highlights: We were able to provide super-fast and reliable internet services utilizing multiple redundant fiber internet connections with multiple gateways. Dual port connection Category 6 network cabling LAN. Providing excellent services and the best VoIP experience.

Added Value: Finding the right people for the roles and working closely with B&P Recruitment to identify skill set and hiring requirements. Spirit now has their own personalized private office and has grown to a total of 24 dynamic individuals.

Collaborative and strong partnership has been built between Spirit and B&P which makes the day-to-day operations and goals easy to achieve. Ensuring that Spirit and B&P Core values are combined & observed, client does not even feel the team here is outsourced hence more of extended team.

B&P Case Study - Michael Salsky

“When we searched for our next BPO solution B&P was a perfect fit for us, taking care of the office logistics and HR, which allows us to focus on what’s truly important – developing our team and delivering great customer experience.”

Spirit Telecom

Product & Business Systems Manager

Spirit Telecom’s Managing Director Geoff Nate with Team Leader Ricardo Villarey

Geoff Nate meets the Manila Team

Geoff Nate sitting down with the team

Spirit Telecom’s COO, Mark Dioguardi, visits the Booth & Partners’ Makati Office

Spirit Telecom’s COO Mark Dioguardi with the team

Spirit’s Product & Business Systems Manager & Team

Watch Spirit Telecom talk about
how Booth & Partners’ offshore staff leasing services helped their business.

1. What do you love about the work that you do? Can you tell us about your company?

Spirit Telecom provides ultra-high-speed Internet in Australia to residential and commercial customers. We have been listed on the ASX 2 years ago and ever since it’s been a fast-growing and agile business, which allows us to go and do things that huge Telcos just can’t or won’t.

The best part of working at Spirit is seeing customers surprised and amazed at their Internet speed test results. For most people in Australia buffering internet is still a daily part of life, but once they experience our speeds they are genuinely stunned and will never go back.

2. As an Internet Service Provider in Australia what makes Spirit different from other providers?

We really believe Australians deserve a much better, faster, more powerful internet. We are kind off evangelistic about it and we are proving this every day. Recently We’ve been recognised as the Fastest Internet Provider.

Think of us as a Superman’s Internet. Our typical unlimited residential plans range from to 50 to 100, 200 even 400 Megabits per second. Both ways – download and upload. No buffering, no congestion. What this means you could download DVDs in seconds and have a bunch of teenagers watching Netflix in HD at the same time without any buffering. The second major difference is how we focus on continual CX improvement. We only employ highly experienced IT and network professionals in our support team, majority of them are Cisco or Microsoft certified which reflects customer satisfaction scores at 95% and above. We are very proud of that and are constantly working on making further improvements.

3. What trends in your industry drove the need to partner with Booth & Partners?

#1 Customers nowadays expect and demand great customer service and #2 as any fast-growing business we need to control our operational expenses, while providing exceptional CX at the same time.

4. What were you looking for in a solution?

We were looking for a partner that could provide us with the right level of engagement that would fit our specific needs. What I mean by that, we were not looking for a completely outsourced and managed solution. This didn’t work very well for us in the past, as we didn’t have close enough level of engagement with the team.

This time we were looking for a partner that would manage the boring bits, like Office admin, logistics, HR, Payroll and so on, while allowing us to directly build and manage the team, which would be OUR team, Spirit team, not an outsourced call centre.

5. How has Booth & Partners helped?

One of Booth & Partners service models is what they call Staff Leasing.

Which is exactly what we were looking for – they helped with the initial stages of talent sourcing, training logistics and on-boarding, desks and facilities, HR and Payroll admin. This has allowed us to fully focus what is important to us – hiring the right people, focusing on training them and being very hands-on in daily operations.

This time we fully manage the team, this is our Spirit Team, they report to head office in Australia, while Booth & Partners take care of the office, admin and HR in the background.

6. What part of our services is most beneficial?

Other than what I have already mentioned, B&P provides internal programs to really engage and grow our people – things like leadership programs, QA support, fun events, and some cool outreach programs that support local communities. This really helps to build great culture and job satisfaction for our people.

And did I mention the office environment? It’s fantastic. This is not your typical chicken farm call centre environment. When you walk into B&P office you’ll think you are in a trendy café or some designer office. The space and atmosphere makes you want to stay, not jump on out the window. And also I hear B&P are expanding and opening new office space shortly, so I can’t wait to see what they do there.

7. Has partnering with Booth & Partners helped on cost and productivity?

As B&P are managing the admin, office, logistics, HR and payroll, this frees up our resources to focus on what really matters to our customers – which is providing great Customer Experience.

8. Were there anything from the experience working with Booth & Partners and its team that positively surprised you?

We’ve developed such close working relationship, we meet almost weekly, that over the time B&P has become our trusted advisers and we really see them as an extension of Spirit operations.

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