Managed Data Entry

Managed Data Entry Services

While growing your business requires you to focus your attention on core tasks such as marketing, product design, or customer service, tracking your data on a daily basis can be a bit wearisome. Besides, data entry can often go neglected as it is a repetitive task.

Our team of managed data entry professionals can increase operational efficiency, empower you to make informed decisions, and help you save up on costs. In addition, every talented individual who makes up our group has the expertise to provide first-rate data entry services. As one of the top data entry service providers in the country, our fast turnaround time and high level of accuracy are crucial factors that make our clients and partners stay with us.

What Managed Data Entry Provides

Fast and accurate data entry of all information as assigned
Processing of documentations received in accordance to the agreed service standards and established policies and procedures
Accurate checking and verification of source documents
Updated information on computer systems and archives
Knowledge with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

Benefits of Booth & Partners’ Managed Data Entry Services to Your Business

Access to advanced technology
As a data entry company, we offer advanced technology systems and top-notch infrastructure to deliver high-quality outputs in a short turnaround time. When you outsource your data entry function to a data entry service provider, you can save up on extra costs usually spent on setting up and maintaining the latest infrastructure and technology, but not compromising the efficiency of the output.

Increased security and reliability
We have security systems and data safety protocols in place to make sure that every information is protected. Our own team of experts use the most cutting-edge data input software programs, computer hardware, and high-end servers to provide excellent service to our clients and partners.

Reduced operational costs
Opting for our managed data entry service can save you a huge amount of money. If you choose to outsource this function, you will not be worrying about expenses related to recruitment, equipment, utilities, and benefits since we will provide these for you. You get to achieve high-quality results on-time and at considerably lower costs.

Competitive advantage
We understand how every business should make strategic decisions and ensure sustainability in daily operations. As an outsourcing company, we receive immediate access to a wide array of business benefits which include improved productivity, as well as faster and high-quality performance, which can help you gain competitive advantage over other players in the industry.

Smart partnerships
We offer customized services and have the flexibility to scale them appropriately as per our clients’ requirements. By associating with an established outsourcing company and data entry service provider such as Booth & Partners, you gain the ability to maintain a sustainable relationship which can grow with time. This gives you access to reliable data entry services, while partnering with a firm whom you trust.

Organized and faultless data are just one the many ways to accelerate your business growth. When you outsourcing data entry services to a legitimate and established data entry company, you will be given access to accurate data at an enormously low cost and you can focus on your core business tasks.


How do you ensure that my data is completely secure?

We follow a streamlined procedure to make sure that none of your documents or confidential data is published, disclosed, distributed, or sold. In terms of security measures, we have also installed antivirus software and firewall in our entire systems, as well as update our systems with virus definitions on a regular basis.

Do you follow any quality assurance processes?

We follow stringent quality assurance processes to ensure that our customers are provided with accurate data. There is a well-defined quality policy in place and we regularly train our employees to make them stay adhered to the best practices for ensuring excellent and high-quality results for our customers.

How do you charge?

We offer competitive and economical prices. Pricing depends mainly on the contract term, project complexity, level of experience and expertise needed, as well as the technologies to be used.

How many data entry projects can you handle?

As a data entry service provider, our team has the capability to handle small and big projects with care. Our processes, technology, and infrastructure enable us to manage complex projects at a time without compromising the quality of the output.

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