Managed Lead Generation

Trained in the most efficient lead generation strategies, our talented team can generate a large volume of leads and at the same time increase your conversion rate. We can help you create interests about your products and services through cold calling of leads collected and sourced by our team. With our managed lead generation service, you can save time and money, while increasing the quality of leads and other business tasks you undertake daily.

Benefits of Our Managed Lead Generation Service

Save time and effort

By outsourcing this task, you can focus on closing sales while your team here is in charge of finding potential clients and cultivating relationships with them. Managing tasks and overseeing quality control can now be accomplished with ease as all lead generation efforts are done by your team.

Help you in prospecting the most qualified leads

Outsourcing can also help you identify potential leads and set up meetings between them and your in-house sales staff. Both teams can then work hand in hand to reduce ramp time and increase lead efficiency, ultimately making growth attainable.

Increase quality of leads

Opting for our managed lead generation service can ramp up your quality leads from a sub-par level to a highly competent one. Since the task requires a great deal of focus and time to achieve quality outcomes that you want for your business, it is best to have an offshore professional team that can do the job for you.

Improve flexibility

Once you avail of our managed lead generation service, you can scale with ease and expand your team without difficulty. We can help you drive activity through the crucial opening stages of your business, thus paving the way for business development without worrying too much about other liabilities.

Cost effective

Lead generation is the heart and soul of most businesses, that is why all we do is help you drive growth thru our dedicated team and optimized systems, all fine-tuned to generate and develop hot leads. The cost of hiring a service provider like us can be offset by the time and effort saved internally, as well as increased productivity among your in-house staff.

While there are some tasks that must be managed and kept in-house, many can be dealt with more effectively and outsourced to service providers that can bring years of expertise to the table. With a helping hand from our team of talented and passionate individuals, generating leads and creating interests about your products and services will not be much of a burden on your core business.


What results can we expect to see as a result of using your services?

One of the great things about telemarketing is that it can be measured, so you can always calculate your ROI from the results that we achieve. We continually benchmark and monitor our activities to ensure you get the best results from our services.

How long does it take to start the service?

As soon as the contract is signed, we jump right in and start building your team. The recruitment process can take 30-45 days, including onboarding and training. The sets of training they will undergo are continual, making improvement a habit.

How much can I save if I avail of your service?

This depends on the type of business and the processes that are being outsourced. Generally, companies can expect to see about 50% savings or even more on variable expenditures, not to mention a measurable productivity increase among its existing workforce.

How do you manage confidentiality?

We maintain strict access to every office via biometrics, and we have CCTV cameras positioned in every corner. Before being hired, every team member undergoes a thorough background and reference check. We also maintain a bonded non-disclosure agreement with all employees. Antivirus software and firewalls are also installed in our systems. We believe that this multi-tiered solution provides the utmost in client data security.

Do you pay per lead?

We shy away from the pay-per-lead set-up as it creates a short-term approach. We believe that the best results come from focusing on the quality of leads rather than just a certain number of appointments in the calendar. With fixed fees, we can just aim at getting the best results—and our many years of expertise and gained knowledge continue to make us better at doing so.

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