How to Outsource a Software Developer and Not Go Wrong

outsource a software developer

Companies have access to the best software engineers in today’s world, primarily in the digital business environment. Established businesses and start-ups use software outsourcing to create their products with the utmost efficiency.

Software developer outsourcing process is when businesses decide to get specific software solutions via a third-party software developer. There are many benefits to outsourcing software developers, including lower costs, more effectiveness, less risk, and higher security.

In 2021, the worldwide BPO market was estimated to be worth $2459 billion. Outsourcing software development has substantial dangers as well. It’s possible that they’ll have a detrimental impact on your company’s bottom line and cause initiatives to fail even before they’ve started.


Developing a Successful Strategy for Outsourcing

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While outsourcing development has its advantages, if it isn’t properly set up and managed, it might compromise the company’s objectives. Finding a reliable development firm to work with on your project may be difficult. Outsourcing development to a business that isn’t in the IT industry complicates matters even more.

Communication channels with the outsourced development team may be established via the use of collaboration technologies like Jira and Asana, frequent video or voice communication, and stand-up meetings at regular intervals.


Importance of Software Developer’s Personal Experiences in Software Development Process

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Here’s the deal: seasoned software engineers have been in the business for a long time. It is possible that they have witnessed the rise and fall of software fads, seen several “cutting-edge” approaches in coding and programming, and have utilized or dabbled in numerous development technologies, depending on the weight of their résumé.

When hiring a software developer, experience is a vital element, but it is not the only one to bear in mind. To avoid missing out on the chance to work with bright, clever software engineers with fresh ideas and unique techniques, don’t automatically exclude new organizations because they haven’t been around as long.

If you’re looking for a firm to outsource to, don’t rely just on their past performance. In addition to these and a slew of other criteria, you should think about the candidate’s technical skills, work ethic, ability to communicate effectively, and dependability before making your final decision. It’s just a small portion of what’s out there.


What Communication is Necessary When Managing an Outsourced Software Development?

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There is no need for daily contact between the Product Owner and Development Team if the documentation and requirements are clear. It’s also possible that there are other resources like banks, custodians, and other non-team members that are participating in the project with whom the communication may be more systematic. 

Streamlining communication and improving data accessibility may be achieved using a single primary communication tool. To maintain track of the project’s progress, the Product Owner should also have access to these talks. For day-to-day communication, Slack or Skype are good options.

Every sprint concludes with a meeting known as the Sprint Review. It’s a good time to review the progress made in the previous sprint, discuss any changes that need to be made, and choose the emphasis for the next sprint. It’s common for software development to be outsourced through video conferencing. Google Hangouts or Zoom are good options for this.


Problems with Coding Quality

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When you work for or operate a non-tech company without considerable coding experience, determining if the outsourced development team adheres to quality standards while building your application becomes a problem, especially when you own a startup as one small mistake can increase the cost without giving the desired outcome. An irrelevant code that is not connected with the context is a challenge since there are no clear definitions of high and poor-quality code.

Communication with the outsourced development team on the quality of the code is essential. The two most important characteristics of excellent code are simplicity and reusability. By communicating objectives, establishing quality standards ahead of time, and holding frequent meetings with the team, it is possible to keep a tight rein on development efforts when using offshore development teams.

Outsourcing your software development requirements can be a good idea because of pretested code for the development of the software. Businesses of all sizes may take advantage of this low-risk method of coding practices of breaking into a new, profitable market. If you are a healthcare service provider, also check whether the outsourcing partner is HIPAA compliant or not. 

Because there are already in-house development teams, you don’t have to go through the process of locating, hiring, and managing a new one. A specialized software development team may, however, be supplemented with the help of an experienced software programmer or two to get the finest outcomes.



In software development, proper project management is critical, but it’s much more critical when managing a team that is outsourced. Poor communication between the firm and the vendor is the most common hiccup. To meet halfway, each team’s approach to collaboration will be distinct. Understanding the requirements of the business is one thing and getting it done with the proper team is another thing. To gap up the skill difference between in-house people and outsourced resources is a matter of concern. Therefore, with proper communication and training, things can be done in a better way.

Before signing a contract with a company that outsources software development or freelancers, do thorough research and ask lots of questions to ensure the project’s maximum chance of success.

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