Turning Insights into Actions: Notes from the 1% For the Planet Global Summit 2023

Turning Insights into Actions Notes from the 1% For the Planet Global Summit 2023

The 1% for the Planet Global Summit 2023 in Brooklyn, New York, gathered businesses, environmental partners, and individuals worldwide for a common goal: work together to protect the planet. 

Since our last summit in 2022, it was inspiring to see how big and diverse this community has become, with over 60 business industries from 112 countries participating and contributing a total of $500 million through 126,046 donations.

1% for the Planet Global Summit 2023

Learning and Connecting with Sustainability Leaders

The 1% for the Planet Global Summit serves as a dynamic platform for us to connect with sustainability pioneers from around the world. Kate Williams, the CEO of 1% for the Planet, kicked off the Global Summit by sharing a collection of past partnerships and pointing out that the network has grown to include over 5,500 business members and 6,300 environmental partners.

Kate Williams - CEO of 1% for the PlanetKate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet, during the Global Summit 2023

During the three-day event, we actively participated in reflective sessions, panels, and impactful volunteer initiatives. These activities provided exceptional networking opportunities and taught us more about how we can contribute to a thriving planet for future generations.

Booth & Partners at 1% for the Planet Global Summit 2023From left to right: Jamie Booth (Managing Director and Co-Founder), Carmen Booth (CEO and Co-Founder), Suselle Mueller (Colombia Country Manager), Chris Mueller (Head of Sales), and Joren Davis (Business Development Manager)

We’re thrilled to have joined this year’s 1% for the Planet Global Summit in NYC! It was an inspiring three days of learning and connecting with global sustainability pioneers,” shared Jamie Booth, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Booth & Partners.

Gathering of business leaders to protect the planetDay 1 of Global Summit 2023 at Patagonia Brooklyn

We understand that true sustainability involves active participation, collaborative learning, and the exchange of innovative ideas. This approach, as highlighted during the 2023 summit, emphasizes that sustainable practices go hand in hand with fostering meaningful connections, sharing insights, and collectively driving positive change on a global scale.

Working Together for a Better Planet

This year’s summit focused on how businesses can team up to tackle climate change. We learned about different aspects of sustainability, like taking care of employees and supporting the environment.

The power of community is clear when people and businesses join forces for a common goal. The 1% for the Planet community shows how much we can achieve together, highlighting the positive impact we can make when we collaborate.

During one of the sessions in the Global Summit 2023During one of the sessions in the Global Summit 2023

Our Presence at the Global Summit 2023

Joining forces globally through 1% for the Planet, we proudly lead the way toward a sustainable future. The summit fueled our commitment with inspiration and practical insights. We’re ramping up efforts in waste management, reducing our carbon footprint, and conserving energy and resources. 

Day 3 of Global Summit 2023 with Suselle Mueller and Carmen BoothDay 3 of Global Summit 2023 with Suselle Mueller and Carmen Booth

We’re excited to contribute to a greener future. After learning at the summit, we’re ready to put new knowledge into action, strengthening our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Thanks to 1% for the Planet for this impactful event and the opportunity to learn more about environmental advocacy. We’re grateful to be an environmental partner and a key sponsor of this year’s Global Summit event.

1% for the Planet

About 1% for the Planet

The 1% for the Planet’s Global Summit is a beacon for businesses in environmental initiatives. It urges companies to give 1% of their sales to environmental causes. The event gathers like-minded organizations, fostering a community dedicated to addressing climate change and promoting sustainability.

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