5 Best Work-from-Home Jobs To Apply for this 2024

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Pursuing a remote job is a flexible and financially rewarding option for job prospects who are eager to embrace the work-from-home lifestyle. On top of giving them more autonomy over their work, this setup also lets them achieve a better work-life balance.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, here are five of the best work-from-home jobs to consider applying for in 2024.


In-Demand Remote Job Opportunities this 2024

The following areas have recorded high volumes of remote and hybrid job postings over the years, according to FlexJobs, a job site focused on flexible work opportunities:

If you’re currently looking for a remote job, check out our Careers page to see if there’s an opening that interests you. Just tick ✅Remote Jobs on the Filters tab to quickly view the available roles.


1. Computer & IT

You’re in the best position to pursue a fully remote job when you specialize in computer or IT-related roles. Among the jobs you can apply for under this track are the following:

  • Service desk engineer
  • Software developer
  • Web developer
  • IT support
  • Technical support engineer

Considering the ongoing digitalization efforts of organizations worldwide, this track can also be the most lucrative field among the work-from-home options.


2. Marketing

Marketing roles are also in demand amid the increasing online activities of consumers across the globe. If you have a background in this field, here are some of the jobs you can apply for:

  • Email marketing specialist
  • Marketing consultant
  • Copywriter
  • Social media manager
  • Graphic designer

Marketing professionals often have the responsibility of helping organizations improve their digital presence.


3. Accounting & Finance

If you have a background in finance and accounting, now’s the best time to apply. Major countries, such as the United States, are facing a shortage of qualified accounting professionals. Because of this, they’re turning to other countries to supply their talent needs and are mostly looking for the following roles:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Management accountant
  • Tax accountant
  • FP&A analyst
  • Auditor

Because there’s a huge possibility that you’ll work with clients located abroad, it’s crucial to have enough knowledge about the accounting standards and regulatory requirements that apply to their business. Knowing how to use different accounting software and business intelligence tools can give you an edge over the other applicants.


4. Project Management

If you have good organizational, time management, social, and coordination skills, then a project management role can be the best work-from-home job for you. It’s a popular role in the IT industry, but project management roles also exist in other sectors like marketing, healthcare, and engineering.

Depending on your expertise and experience, you can apply for either of the following levels of project management roles:

  • Project manager
  • Project coordinator
  • Assistant project manager
  • Senior project manager
  • Project scheduler

5. Medical & Health

Certain medical and health-related jobs can also be done remotely. As we’ve seen first-hand during the pandemic, doctors themselves can offer consultation services to patients through teleconsultation. Whether you’re a physician or a medical worker, there’s a remote job online that can be befitting of your expertise and skills, such as:

  • Medical coder
  • Dietician
  • Personal care coordinator
  • Clinical social care worker
  • Psychologist

Note that this list is not comprehensive. Once you perform an actual online job search, you can find countless remote job opportunities. The key is to look in the right places.

Friendly tip: Job sites often have a filter function—use it to find available remote jobs!


Skills You Need to Land Remote Work

Technically speaking, the skills you need to land a work-from-home job still depend on the nature of the work you’re applying for. The responsibilities of a software developer, for instance, are entirely different from the skillsets required of a dietician.

However, your competence in your respective field is not the only thing that matters to your prospective employers. Since you’ll be working from home, you should also possess the necessary soft skills to thrive in a remote work setup. This includes:

  1. Organizational skills: Knowing how to organize and prioritize your tasks accordingly is essential.
  2. Time management: The ability to budget your time so you can finish your tasks within the deadline is a crucial aspect of working remotely.
  3. Self-discipline: With the presence of various distractions in a remote setting, it’s important that you know how to control and motivate yourself even when no one is looking.
  4. Communication: It’s essential to learn how you can communicate your needs and expectations with your colleagues.
  5. Teamwork: Building camaraderie with your colleagues is important in a remote work setup since it opens opportunities for collaboration.

Here’s the rule of thumb — enhancing your technical prowess in your area of expertise can help you win the attention of your target employers. Be updated on trends, technologies, and techniques. Be a subject matter expert so you can offer something valuable to the organization you’re interested in.

Developing the necessary soft skills is just as important. While working on your technical skills, make sure that you’re also harnessing your ability to manage tasks and communicate properly.

Tips for Successful Remote Job Applications

What should you do to stand out among job applicants whom you are competing with for similar positions?

1. Learn about the company and position you’re targeting

First things first: do some research about the company and position you’re eyeing. It’s the key to crafting effective resumes and cover letters. When you know what your prospects are looking for, it’ll be easier for you to customize the contents of these documents according to their preferences. This knowledge can also be useful during the actual interview process.

2. Update your online profiles

Set aside some time to update your online profiles as well. If you have a LinkedIn account, make sure to optimize your profile with relevant keywords. A good way to start is to do a manual LinkedIn search to discover the terms people are commonly using. By doing so, you are increasing your chances of being discovered by recruiters.

3. Take relevant online certification courses

Certifications demonstrate your knowledge of a specific area. Employers can also use it as a sign that you’re committed to keeping your skills up to date. If you’re looking for a list of certifications you can take, check out this article: Best Employee Certifications to Boost Your Career.

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