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Outsourced staffing is another way of helping you find and hire your own remote team in the Philippines. This outsourcing model will allow you to retain more control by building your very own remote staff but with a local partner to help you with the tricky stuff. With our offshore staffing solutions, we will source the talent, onboard, employ, and manage HR & Payroll for employees who will work in your company’s various departments such as Customer Support, IT Support, and Business Support—but you will be the one to make final hiring decisions. The primary difference from traditional outsourcing models is we will be less hands-on with regards to the management of your business process operation.

You will also be able to communicate directly to your team through any of Booth & Partners’ remote staff management systems, or through your own IT systems and channels if you wish.

What Staff Leasing in the Philippines Provides

Take a look at how staff outsourcing to the Philippines can organize the structure and workflow of your offshore team.

Staff Sourcing And Management

When you outsource to a staffing agency in the Philippines such as Booth & Partners, we will help you find and connect with top-quality Filipino talent who have the right skills, attitude, and culture fit for your organization. We have a robust internal recruitment process that sources, pools, and evaluates for the best talent for the job—all before endorsing the top candidates to you for selection and acceptance.

Systems And Tools

If you are not already set up for remote work, we will provide your employees with the latest systems and tools they need to help them become productive and fulfill their roles in your company’s day-to-day operations. In addition, we will assist you in setting up your team’s workspace, including furniture, computers, workstations, hardware and software, networking systems, Internet connectivity, and other related facilities either within our managed facilities or in a work-from-home setup.

Operations Management

We will provide support in all aspects of operations and team management. These include technical support, IT consultancy, accounting, client services, and facilities management, among others.

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Benefits of Staff Leasing in the Philippines to Your Business

It is cost-efficient.

You can save a lot of money when you opt for Staff Leasing in the Philippines. This is a cost-plus model. We charge incredibly competitive fees for our staffing solutions and overhead expenses, including salaries, benefits, training, and insurance.

It gives your company operational flexibility, control, and transparency.

Since your employees will remain under your direct control and management, including service contract, compensation, and performance management, it will be easier for you to match your employees’ expectations with your existing business resources.

It helps you leverage the skilled virtual workforce in the Philippines.

When you outsource staffing, your offshore team will comprise high-level and multi-skilled talent from the Philippines in any sector you choose. We will help you attract and retain the best employees who can contribute to your company’s growth and success.

It cuts across time zones and improves your market reach globally.

Your location might make it difficult for you to tap into new business markets elsewhere in the world. With outsourced staffing from the Philippines, you can cater to your global customers, vendors, suppliers, or internal stakeholders on a 24/7 basis since your teams will be on rotating or shifting schedules.

Our Staff Leasing Offerings

Dedicated Office Space

We help you build your team and allow them to do their best work in our modern and thoughtfully designed office spaces. We also help them set up their workstations and provide the systems and tools they will need to accomplish their work product. Our HR and Payroll specialists who are experts of local laws and tax systems will assist in terms of handling your team’s employment and compensation so you can focus on generating innovation and efficiencies for your business.

Since your team will be working in our office spaces, they will have full access to our facilities and amenities such as 24/6 technical support, high-speed Internet, well-equipped meeting rooms, pantry, and training areas.


FlexiPlace allows your team to work away from the office. This option is very similar to Dedicated Office Space, with the only difference of more flexibility in terms of work location. Also known as telecommuting or teleworking, FlexiPlace provides your team with the opportunity to work from home or a more convenient location such as satellite offices or neighborhood working centers, communicating with managers and other team members through email or videoconferencing.

As in any other flexible work arrangement, employees working under a FlexiPlace set-up are still expected to manage the workload at the same quality level as before the arrangement was established. They may be required to be at the office on a specified day every week for team meetings or other important activities, during which they have full access to our office facilities and amenities.

Staff Leasing Work-From-Home

Staff Leasing Work-From-Home allows you to choose your team members and manage them within a structure that fits your requirements. We take care of the employment, HR, and payroll management tasks, so your team can be formally employed in the Philippines. You would be able to collaborate with your remote team the same way you do with your in-house team. Your team can also work from your preferred location.

While your remote team may be home-based, they still receive the same benefits—both company-initiated and government-mandated—as office-based employees do.


We charge a fixed fee for our Staff Leasing and Staff Augmentation services per employee per month. Our pricing is computed as follows:
Direct Staff Costs per Employee (including base compensations, benefits and insurance, taxes) + Service Fee (the amount charged for using B&P’s assets and support services) = Total Fee

Which Offering Best Suits Your Business?
Our services are equally capable of helping you focus more on your core business objectives and improve efficiency. If you have strict data security processes that require physical control of the work product and data, Dedicated Office Space would be the ideal option as there are multiple ways we can support your IT and Security requirements from within our facilities. FlexiPlace would significantly benefit your team, especially those living far from the office who can save time and costs from transportation and parking fees. There are also positive environmental impacts by reducing the team’s carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption from daily commutes. Meanwhile, you can opt for Staff Leasing Work-From-Home to access skilled team members under a staffing model that gives you even more control of the work product as well as being an option for contractual or short-term project basis.

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