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Staff Leasing

Outsourced staffing is another way of helping you find and hire your own virtual assistant team in the Philippines. This outsourcing model will allow you to retain more control by building your very own virtual assistant staff but with a local partner to help you with the tricky stuff. With our offshore staff leasing services, we will source the talent, onboard, employ and manage HR & Payroll for the employees who will work in your company’s various departments such as Customer Support, IT Support, and Business Support, but you’ll be the one to make final hiring decisions. The primary difference from Managed Services is we will be less hands-on with regards to the management of your business process operation.

You’ll also be able to communicate directly to your team through any of Booth & Partner’s virtual staff management systems, or through your own channels if you wish.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation allows you to choose your team members and manage them with the methods you prefer. We take over all organizational and administrative tasks, while you deal with your core business and eventually collaborate with your augmented team the same way you do with your in-house team. The only difference with Staff Leasing is that your team will mostly be working from home, and not in our office spaces.

With Staff Augmentation, we also provide HR & Payroll services to save you time and effort. While most teams generally work home-based, they still receive the same benefits —both company-initiated and government-mandated —as office-based employees do.


We charge a fixed fee for our Staff Leasing and Virtual Assistant services per employee per month. Our pricing is computed as follows:

Direct Costs per Employee (including base compensations, benefits and insurance, taxes) + Service Fee (the amount charged for using B&P’s assets and support services) = Total Fee

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What’s in it for you?

Take a look at how Staff Outsourcing in the Philippines can organize the structure and workflow of your offshore business.

Staff Sourcing and Management

You don’t have to worry about stiff competition from other virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, who have the same need for a strong workforce to help in the company’s various functions. By outsourcing staff in the Philippines, we’ll help you find and connect with top-quality Filipino talent who have the right skills, attitude, and culture fit for your organization.

Systems and Tools

We’ll provide your employees the systems and tools they need to help them become productive and fulfill their roles in your company’s day-to-day operations.

Thus, we’ll assist you in sourcing and setting up your office space, including furniture, computers, workstations, hardware and software, networking systems, internet connectivity, and other related facilities.

Operations Management

We will provide support in all aspects of operations management. These include technical support, IT consultancy, finance, accounting, client services, and facilities management, among others.

Benefits of Staff Leasing in the Philippines to Your Business

It’s cost-efficient.

You can save a lot of money when you choose our Staff Leasing services. This is a cost plus model. We charge very competitive fees for our staffing solutions and overhead expenses, including salaries, benefits, training, and insurance.

It gives your company operational flexibility, control, and transparency.

Since your employees will remain under your direct control and management, including service contract, compensation, and performance management, it’ll be easier for you to match your employees’ expectations with your existing business resources.

It helps you leverage the skilled virtual workforce in the Philippines.

Your offshore team will be composed of high-level and multi-skilled talent from the Philippines in any sector you choose. We’ll help you attract and retain the best employees who can contribute to your company’s growth and success.

It cuts across time zones and improves your market reach globally.

Your location might make it difficult for you to tap into new business markets elsewhere in the world. By staffing your business with Filipino workers, you can cater to your global customers on a 24/7 basis since your teams will be on rotating or shifting schedules.

Staff Leasing or Staff Augmentation?

Both services are equally capable of helping you focus more on your core business objectives. If you need a team of talented individuals to assist you in a project that could run for more than six months, Staff Leasing would be the better option. You can opt for Staff Augmentation to get more skilled team members under a contractual or short-term basis when the need arises.

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