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BPO vs. KPO: Which Outsourcing is Best for Your Business?

Image Courtesy of fauxels from Pexels Nowadays, outsourcing is utilized by almost every industry, sector, and multinational company across the globe, particularly because of how it enables businesses to save costs and focus on their core functions. Outsourcing means contracting with a third-party service provider, whether in the same country or another, with respect to operations and […]

How to Ensure a Safer Workplace for Returning Employees During COVID-19

Image Courtesy of Startup Stock Photos from Pexels As cities around the world begin to lift lockdown restrictions, it has become essential for businesses to implement safety precautions and new strategies before allowing their employees to return to the office. According to health authorities, evidence suggests that the coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on […]

5 Best Customer Service Practices to Outlast a Pandemic

Image Courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels In just a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has overwhelmed lives and businesses across the world. Organizations are now experiencing pressure on generating sales in this period of severe economic hardship, which greatly affected and eventually altered consumer preferences and relationships. This economic strain is real, most especially for […]