A high-performance
team to meet your
desired results.

Work with a dynamic and exceptional team who can handle daily operations and ensure increased business performance. Leave your deliverables to us and focus on your business’s core activities.

Our Managed Services solution lets you
Outsource different business functions
to our team of experts.

With our efficient performance management structure, we will drive results for your business.

Let us know what you need to get done
and how you prefer to do it,
and we’ll take care of the rest.


Here’s what we can do for you:


Access to a team of highly-skilled staff

We’ll find you a dedicated team of experts to perform the business functions you wish to outsource.


End-to-end Project & Operations Management

Grow and scale your business sans IT, office, people management, and labor relations costs.


Identify KPI, SLA, and Success Measures to achieve your goals

Brief us on how you carry out processes, then let’s align so we can move forward on the same page and make your goals happen.

What is Managed Services?

Managed Services refers to contracting a third-party service provider as a local staffing partner to build your offshore team and co-manage your business processes to ensure work efficiency and performance.

Managed Services with Booth & Partners: What Makes Us Different?

Think of our Managed Services as a collaborative approach for business growth. Specific functions will be performed, giving you fewer responsibilities, while we take care of all the tricky stuff, from hiring and recruitment to performance management.

A curated high-performance team to meet your desired results
We will tap the right people for your goals to build a team of highly-skilled professionals for your business’s success. We’ll carefully “handpick” talent that fit the profile and skills you need and ensure your offshore team will drive results for your business.

A full HR support arm for your offshore staff
From employee engagement and labor relations to payroll management, we’ll be responsible for your outsourced team. We will also handle employee performance management, coaching sessions, and evaluations.

Set and meet custom KPIs with our highly-competent managers
Our Operations Manager will work hand-in-hand with you to discuss SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and target KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure that we’ll meet and achieve your company’s core goals. We’ll manage your business process so you can focus on more critical aspects of your business.

Training & Quality Assurance for Exceptional Performance
We will conduct training and development of your staff. Our Training and Quality team will collaborate and train with you directly and train your future associates thereafter. We also help outline and create training material if you don’t have this yet.

Collaborate on goal-setting and daily operations
Work with our Operation Management team to identify your KPIs and SLAs. They will oversee daily offshore operations and ensure performance metrics are met. They will also set up regular meetings and reports with clients to maintain transparency.

Access to facilities, technical support & IT system deployment
You don’t have to worry about IT costs, IT support, network configuration, office costs, and other workforce necessities including tools or platforms to carry out the task. Simply put, your outsourced team will be equipped and supported with all aspects they need to work, eliminating potential growth bottlenecks.

How does Managed Services Work?
The Model

Booth & Partners will establish a customised team with skilled staff that fits your business process needs. You will orient and train the initial team on your processes, and we’ll talk and align on goals. After determining KPIs and SLAs to gauge performance and ensure that we achieve those goals, we’ll deploy your elite staff and oversee the team.

You provide us the job requirements.

We will pool the candidates, screen them, and establish a shortlist for final interviews. We'll also conduct aptitude tests to measure their suitability for the job.

The successful candidate undergoes our onboarding process. They will be provided with the tools and equipment needed for the role.

You will meet with our Operations Management team to review KPIs based on SLAs and set up approved metrics for the team.

Our Management team will oversee your offshore team's day-to-day operations, attendance, performance, employee engagement, payroll, and HR.

You establish the tasks and expectations and we execute for you. In this partnership, you can rely on us to ensure your remote team's success.

What are the Benefits of Managed Services in the Philippines for Your Business?

Most people think of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) when they hear offshoring. You pay an overseas service provider to manage offshore business processes for you.

With this approach, you can expand your business more efficiently and with lower liability of risk. We will handle the tricky stuff for you, from recruitment, employee benefits, and compensation, to tax and labor law concerns.

You don’t have to recruit and manage the staff yourself, you don’t need extensive local knowledge, and you can cut costs without cutting corners. Our Managed Services provides you with a relatively hands-off solution to getting business functions completed.

It reduces your operational costs
Managed Services allows you to operate your business processes offshore cost-effectively. Our service fees are competitively priced, and the local labor costs are lower in the Philippines than in other developed countries.

You don’t have to worry about day-to-day operations
As your Managed Services provider, Booth & Partners will monitor and achieve your business process targets so you can focus on more critica growth driving activities. We’ll set goals together, but we will have full accountability for your daily operations.

It ensures high-quality standards for your external and internal clients
We ensure that your offshore staff maintains the quality of service your company is known for. Together, we’ll help you scale your business reach to all global markets.

Managed Service Offerings

Our Managed Services is not limited to IT. We cover a range of other business processes, including lead generation, customer service, data entry and other back office activities.

IT Managed Services

You can count on us for security, technical projects, and other critical IT support functions.

Lead Generation

Save time prospecting, reaching qualified leads, and achieving lead generation efficiency and attainable growth goals.

Customer Service

We’ll provide the support your customers need when they need it. Whether it’s through phone, email, or chat, we’ve got you covered.

Data Entry

Complete time-consuming tasks like data processing and management with our help.


Our transparent pricing model takes the guesswork out of budgeting for your offshore staff.

We offer a fixed rate per employee per month inclusive of the core features:

  • Business Process implementation
  • Talent Acquisition and Onboarding
  • HR and Labor Relations
  • Employee Engagement and Labor Relations
    • Training and Development
  • Record Keeping and Payroll Processing
  • End-to-end Project & Operations Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Office Space, Network and IT Equipment and Support
    • Plug and Play Workstations – Personal Computer, VOIP, and Headsets
    • Network & Security Configurations
  • Dedicated Team Leader(s) and Operations Manager

Total Fee

We charge a fixed fee per employee per month

Direct Employee Costs

The total direct costs of each employee in terms of base salary, benefits, taxes and insurance

Services fee

The fee we charge for the assets and support services we provide to your opertaions

Direct Staff Costs per Employee (covering base compensations, benefits and insurance, and taxes) + Service Cost (the amount calculated for using B&P’s assets and support services) = Total Cost

The fee starts at $2,000 (depending on the role) and is inclusive of base salary, benefits, taxes, services, etc.


Work with an exceptional team
to reach your business goals.

Let’s get to work!

Bringing Value
across different industries.

It’s time to focus on growing your business

Our offshore staffing services have helped more than 70 companies around the world operate in the Philippines efficiently and effectively.

Get in touch with us to find out if offshore staffing is the right fit for your business or if you have any questions. If offshoring is indeed a good match for you, we’ll be happy to recommend a solution that will enhance your business operations at reduced costs.

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