Set Up Operations in the Philippines with Managed Services Outsourcing

Reduce operational cost and still maintain the highest level of quality work. The right people for the right solutions within reach. Learn more below!


Managed Services

Managed Services allows foreign businesses to effectively establish operations in the Philippines. Using the Managed Services model, you are able to co-manage your business operations with a local partner who can tailor-fit its infrastructure, resources, and expertise to suit your business.

Managed Services vs. Outsourcing

Managed Services is similar to traditional outsourcing, in such a way that you are contracting a third-party service provider to manage some of your business processes.

Managed Outsourcing Services is providing you full-scope outsourcing where the goal is to build your offshore team but you have access to our highly skilled operations managers to oversee your team and business processes to ensure positive results.

What Managed Services Provide

As your Managed Services partner, Booth & Partners will provide the following:

Talent Acquisition

We recruit, facilitate training and manage your outsourced team to fill key positions for a variety of roles or departments – whether it’s administration, accounting, IT, or customer service.

System Tools, Equipment, and Other Assets

We provide the tools, equipment, and resources you need – from IT, communication, collaboration, feedback exchange, and quality control, among others. We then outfit your offshore office with all of your system requirements to make it efficient and fully operational.

Operations Management

As your Managed Services partner, we will take full responsibility of addressing all operational needs of your outsourced business processes to achieve your business targets & requirements.

Benefits of Booth & Partner’s Managed Services to Your Business

Your company can greatly benefit from the Managed Services that we’re offering at Booth & Partners

It allows you to quickly launch your outsourced business processes.

We already have an established system – from infrastructure to industry knowledge and support services. We can quickly and efficiently integrate  all of these components into your own business process model to meet your target launch date.

It helps you adapt to the Philippine business environment.

Before beginning your offshore operation, you need to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of doing business in the Philippines. We will help you understand not only the Filipino culture but also the business policies that are existing under Philippine laws.

It reduces your operational costs.

Our service fees are competitively priced and the local labour costs are lower than most developed nations enabling you to economically implement your offshore team in the Philippines.

It lets you retain complete control of your business.

We know how important it is for you to maintain control of the way you run things in your company. Booth & Partners will provide all the support that you need and work with your designated managers to help you stay on top of your business processes.

It ensures high-quality standards for your external and internal clients.

We understand that both your clients’ and your employees’ satisfaction are important to your company. As the co-manager of your offshore subsidiary, we make sure that we maintain the quality of service, product, or ideas that your company is known for as we also help you expand your business reach to the Philippines and other global markets.

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