5 Keys to Finding The Right Job For You

5 Keys to Finding The Right Job For You

Looking for the right job shouldn’t feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Here are 5 keys to help you start on the right track.

Choosing a career is never easy. The uncertainty, anxiety and pressure that comes with it can cause you to make a hurried decision, which ultimately leads you to the wrong job. You can be young and just starting out or mature and experieced, but it’s very rare to have a straight career path, and every few years or so you may second guess the current job you’re in.

We know how much you would rather avoid all the pondering and confusion, and improve your decision-making when it comes to searching for the right job. We’ve come up with 5 keys, and we’re here to tell you it’s not just about following your passion or doing what you love the most, as what most people would say.

Here are 5 keys to finding the right job for you:


1. Assess Yourself

Before applying for a job, put yourself under the microscope first. Analyze your knowledge and skills, even those acquired outside of education, so you can determine the right career for you.

– What kind of knowledge do you carry?
– What do you do well?
– What skills do you look forward to using in the workplace?
– What type of work environment works best for you?

A self-assessment helps you better understand what you can bring to the table and what type of workplace you need to be a high-performing and valuable employee.

2. Create a Job Criteria Wish List

Develop a personal wish list of the key elements of your ideal job such as the kind of people you enjoy working with, the goals you like to achieve, salary and benefits, location, and company culture. Look for jobs that match at least 7 out of the 10 key elements to ensure you’re getting more than half of what you desire in a job.

3. Pay Attention to Job Responsibilities

It’s not about job titles all the time. You’ll be more productive and happy if the job you’re looking for involves the skills, knowledge, and working style that you have. It should be as if the the job responsibilities and expectations you’re reading in the ad is talking about you instead of you just being in awe of the job title.

4. Do Ample Research

It pays off to research before you search for a job. Find out for yourself information and updates about sectors rather than depend on second-hand information and hearsay. Try to talk to people who have done the role themselves so you have an idea of the job’s nature and also learn to talk the kind of language that will get you a good offer.

5. Sell Yourself in Awesome Fashion

It’s not the best time to be modest when you’re looking for a job. You need to stand out from the competion or else get ignored time and time again. Start by writing a “killer” resume and irresistible cover letter that will have any hiring manager grab the phone to arrange an interview. Then at the interview, motivate the manager into hiring you by stating your achievements and how you can help the company soar to new heights, but be careful not to exaggerate.

The right job won’t just fall on your lap. You need to exert time and effort to find it. In the end, you would want to find a job that motivates you and where you can make a significant contribution, or at least find a stepping stone role that eventually gets you where you want to be.

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