Booth & Partners Embraces Sustainable Insurance with Premiums for the Planet

Booth & Partners partnership with Premiums for the Planet

Gone are the days of insurance as a grudge purchase. Booth & Partners is pioneering a new approach to insurance by partnering with Premiums for the Planet (PFP), a game-changer in the insurance industry.

Forget the status quo – PFP goes beyond just connecting companies with insurance providers. PFP fosters a mutually beneficial partnership between environmentally conscious companies and insurers dedicated to sustainability practices. This innovative partnership transforms insurance from a necessary expense into a strategic investment driving positive change for the planet and your bottom line. Here’s how this win-win partnership empowers our business.

So, What Exactly is Premiums for the Planet?

They connect businesses like us, passionate about protecting our environment, with forward-thinking insurance companies who share our vision for a greener future. By aggregating a market force of climate-conscious companies (insureds) into a badged membership program that turns the simple act of buying insurance from a grudge purchase to a mission-aligned benefit for the planet, brand, and bottom line.  

Here’s how this win-win partnership benefits everyone

By moving our insurances through PFP, we not only fortified our commitment to sustainability but also amplified our impact in several tangible ways: 

1. Supercharge Your Sustainability

We’re not just buying insurance; we’re actively supporting a greener future. Through PFP, our premiums go towards companies and initiatives that fight for a healthier planet, driving market demand for innovative, climate-conscious insurance solutions and inspiring insurers to prioritize sustainability. 

2. Strength in Numbers

By joining PFP, we become part of a community alongside like-minded organizations and individuals like 1% for the Planet. This engagement strengthens our collective efforts to improve the sustainability of our financial supply chains. 

3. Protection for the Planet, Protection for Us

Partnering with PFP doesn’t just benefit the environment; it strengthens our own resilience. Access to robust financial and risk protection ensures we’re prepared for whatever climate-related challenges may arise.

4. Win-Win: Planet & Business

Contrary to conventional views of insurance as a mere admin expense, collaborating with PFP transforms it into a strategic investment. By aligning insurance spend with sustainability goals, we support a healthier planet, enhance the brand value, and improve our bottom line.

This might seem like a small step, but it’s a crucial first move towards a large-scale change. The PFP community is rapidly growing, and with each new member, we get closer to creating a more sustainable insurance landscape.

Inspired to Join the Movement for a Greener Future?

Head over to the Premiums for the Planet website and see how you can make a positive impact. 

At Booth & Partners, we believe in using our business for good. This partnership with PFP is just one example of how we’re putting our values into action and making a positive impact on the world around us.

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