Booth & Partners’ CEO, Carmen Booth, Talks to Derek Gallimore of Outsource Accelerator

Booth & Partners’ CEO, Carmen Booth, Talks to Derek Gallimore of Outsource Accelerator

Outsource Accelerator is known to be the trusted source of information and advisory about the outsourcing industry. For years, they have been the channel between outsourcing service providers in the Philippines and clients around the world. They create a wide range of resources about business process outsourcing including podcast interviews with industry experts.

Just recently, Booth & Partners’ CEO, Carmen Booth, got invited to be the guest on the latest episode of “The Outsource Accelerator Podcast with Derek Gallimore”. In the podcast interview, they talked about Booth & Partners, who we are and what we do as an outsourcing company. 

Booth & Partners as a Boutique Outsourcing Company

Booth & Partners, as Carmen described, is a boutique outsourcing company” that is continuously growing, providing businesses around the world with cost-efficient staffing solutions. What sets us apart from other outsourcing companies is that we build full-time, first-rate offshore teams tailor-fit to our client’s requirements. Hence our slogan, “Right People, Right Solutions.” 

As an outsourcing company, Carmen considers Booth & Partners as an “extension of your team”. B&P is not just an outsourcing division of our client’s company. We take extra effort to align in terms of the more critical aspects of the relationship such as culture and work environment.

When asked for her insights about the Philippines as an outsourcing destination, Carmen answered, “There’s so much opportunity for creating such a great working environment and there’s something really special here.” A lot of businesses prefer outsourcing in the Philippines because of the many advantages including the highly skilled talent pool, English language proficiency, and talent retention. 

According to the Labor Turnover Survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority, the country recorded a 10.7% labor turnover rate in the first quarter of 2020. That is equivalent to 107 workers for every 1000 employed. These figures are comparatively lower than in other countries. Many businesses have difficulties in retaining employees. Having an outsourced team helps solve that problem, especially if you hire Filipino talents. They are dedicated and passionate about work. There’s no wonder why Carmen is confident with Filipino talents. 

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Booth & Partners’ Core Services

Today, Booth & Partners is offering 3 main services, which Carmen thoroughly explained in the interview:

1. Staff Leasing Services

Staff Leasing, also known as a “co-managed” staffing solution, is the popular option of businesses nowadays. Here, we will provide you with the right people tailor-fit to your business requirements. The best part is, you get to retain full operational control. You will manage your team and give directives while we, as your outsourcing partner, will oversee the operations and provide regular reports. 

Additionally, we will be your support arm that will take care of non-core business activities such as recruitment, HR, IT, payroll, and other processes for you. 

Booth & Partners has 3 staff leasing models to choose from:

A. Remote Work – When you want a highly-skilled full remote team.

B. Dedicated Office Space – When you need office-based employees.

C. FlexiPlace – When you want a mix of remote and office-based work setup.

2. Managed Services

Managed services is most commonly known as the “fully managed” or the “traditional” staffing solution. Here, we will build a curated team of highly-skilled professionals for the specific business function you need to outsource. You will be the one to identify the KPIs and SLAs while our management team will oversee your offshore team’s day-to-day operations. We will ensure that we are meeting your requirements to help achieve your business goals.

3. Staff Augmentation

This outsourcing strategy is for businesses in need of additional staff temporarily to augment the capacity of their in-house team. In most cases, the clients under this service only need a presence in the Philippines and a little back-end support, such as in HR, payroll, and administrative tasks.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Apart from the flexibility, access to a wider talent pool, and cost-savings, Derek asked Carmen about other benefits of outsourcing. She answered, “Process Consolidation and Support”. Nowadays, many companies are looking to consolidate various operations to one team to streamline their business processes while saving costs. However, they lack the time and opportunity to do it because they are focused on the core processes of their business. But through outsourcing, they can have a smoother and easier process of consolidating that is both cost and time-efficient.

Our Recruitment and Onboarding Processes

In terms of recruitment, Carmen shared the Booth & Partners’ process, and careful handpicking of talents tailor-fit to the requirements is one of our important steps in hiring. For clients under our staff leasing service, we coordinate with them after getting the best candidates and let them choose the talent they deem best for the role. 

Once the candidates are finally on to the onboarding process, we make sure that we are there to support both the employee and the client. “We work to ensure that the onboarding process is smooth,” she said. 

When it comes to monitoring the productivity of the team, Carmen told Derek that we do productivity scoring along with the efforts of the managers and the team leaders who are taking care of their respective teams. On top of that, she added, “We do productivity calls with our clients to ensure them that we’re on top of it.” These are our strategies to stay productive, prove our value to clients, and make sure that they’re happy with our service.

In the interview, she also mentioned one of the things that the company values: transparency. She told Derek, “We’ve always been in the spirit of transparency” and added, “That’s the big part of the trust.” And it’s totally true. Our clients trust Booth & Partners because we are transparent. We give them the right quotation, receipt, and all their requests without hidden charges.

What Booth & Partners is Passionate About

When asked about what Booth & Partners’ mission is apart from providing outsourcing services to businesses, Carmen immediately answered that helping businesses scale through our staffing solutions is our top priority. However, we are also passionate about diversifying the company by hiring professionals from other cities and provinces. 

In addition, she mentioned the company’s environmental and social initiatives. Booth & Partners is working with Let’s Play Asia to help empower the youth through music education. We also partnered with environmental organizations such as 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral to help achieve a sustainable future by practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle, giving a percentage of our profits for environmental causes, and offsetting our carbon footprint.

Booth & Partners is passionate about the above-mentioned efforts and initiatives as we want our impact to be more than just customer work. 

Booth & Partners as an Extension of Your Team

If you’re looking for an outsourcing partner in the Philippines, Booth & Partners can be the extension of your team. For years, Booth & Partners has been helping many businesses of all sizes around the world by providing value-for-money staffing solutions. 

To learn more about our company and the boutique outsourcing services we offer, listen to the podcast interview of Derek Gallimore with Carmen Booth through Spotify or iTunes, and you can also get in touch with us today

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