9 Tips for Your Telesales Team to Succeed

Tips for your telesales team to succeed

Telesales is a highly competitive approach that could increase your business sales. Many businesses consider it as one of the best strategies to take if you’re looking to engage with your target market, generate new interest from prospects, secure sales, and get valuable information you could use to improve your campaign and even products and services.

If you’re great at attracting potential customers, but find it difficult to convert all that potential into business, you need help with telesales. Here are some key advice that could help your team succeed in your telesales campaign.

9 Tips for a Successful Telesales Service

To help you with your telesales journeyfrom how to start the conversation to how to monitor and evaluate your processwe have outlined the top effective ways to be successful in telesales aside from recruiting top talents:

1. Make It Personal

Every consumer has his own particular needs. Finding a way to offer your products or services as the solution for these needs can be your way to the top.

One of the first things to do in Telesales is to get the potential client’s attention and trust. By doing this, you’re making them feel comfortable talking with you. This is important in keeping the discussion up until you get to the primary point of the conversationto sell products or services.

You must listen carefully to the prospects. Understand things from their perspective and take note. You can use their words to find the perfect timing and angle that could strongly convince them to purchase.

When offering a mobile phone, for instance, you can’t simply convince a consumer to buy a new phone just by saying that you have a new model. You need to answer the question “why to purchase” and justify your response. For mobile phones, you can have the prospect describe his ideal device and the challenges he’s facing with his current gadget. Explain to him the features of the mobile phone you’re offering and position it as the solution to his particular needs. Focus on the improved features.

2. Open Impressively

If you want to be successful in telesales, an interesting opening line could give your telesales team greater chances to persuade prospective customers to buy. If you don’t captivate them from the beginning, they’re more likely to evaporate instantly. Start by quickly establishing your credibility.

Also, you need to exude confidence when talking to a prospect. Most importantly, teach your telesales team how to leave a better impression. Give a few tips such as being friendly, keeping the call positive and professional, and showing respect no matter what

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing can help you be good at anything even when doing calls for telesales. Learn new telesales techniques and master them by doing them during real calls. Once you feel as if you have already mastered the art of telesales, find time to learn new techniques from time to time for constant improvement and maintain your competitive edge.

It will also help to study and observe the effectiveness of your telesales strategies and tweak them for better results. 

4. Use a Sales Script and Learn How to Improvise

Prospects wouldn’t want to hear a caller who sounds scripted. They would love to talk to someone who sounds natural. A rough script would help start a conversation, but it’s always best to remain flexible by improvising lines you think are appropriate for the situation. Having a simple routine in a telesales pitch could help open more avenues for sales.  

Telesales agents need to rehearse and learn how to handle different types of prospects and situations. These can help you facilitate a more natural conversation with potential clients. 

5. Know Your Campaign Goals

Before jumping into a conversation in telesales, you should always keep in mind your goal. Sometimes, telesales agents become invested in the conversation, forgetting the main point of the callto sell. 

Setting targets would help you focus. Know exactly what you want to achieve from the campaign, such as an increase in sales and a wider customer base. Measure the result and evaluate if you’re within your target. 

6. Ask Questions

Have you ever tried presenting or reporting in school or work? What did you do to make your session conversational? At least one point in your life, you used asking questions as a strategy to make the conversation more engaging. You can use the same technique when doing telesales. By asking questions, you’ll surely learn more about your prospect and find ways to make the situation relatable. People love to share insights with someone who can relate to them. The more conversational your call is, the more likely you’ll succeed.

7. Upsell

A proven efficient sales technique to convince consumers to purchase a product or service is upselling. Rather than looking for new customers, you have greater opportunities to sell more to existing customers as a study showed that upselling helps increase ROI by 30%

Upselling is easier than convincing a prospect to buy because you already have an existing business relationship, a better understanding of your client’s needs, and the data of their purchases. You can use these to offer products or services that can further improve their previously purchased goods or services. 

A great example of upselling is the strategy of internet service providers. Whenever they have new products and services or have updated the existing ones, they would immediately get in touch with their existing clients to offer upgrades or additions to the client’s existing plan. Oftentimes, they’re successful as who doesn’t want an upgrade or a better service? Most of us do!

8. Analyze Data for Opportunities

A good and clean data is an important starting point in a telesales campaign. What’s the point of offering goods to people who have no interest in it? It’s tedious with only a few chances of successfully convincing the person to purchase. You wouldn’t want to invest in something you know you won’t get ROI. This is exactly why your data is important. It should always be up-to-date and relevant to focus your efforts on the consumers who are most likely to purchase.

Furthermore, you can analyze the data you have to track sales and discover potential valuable market trends. Remember that telesales is a results-driven industry. Efficiently analyzing data can give you the upper hand over your competitors.

9. Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Telesales Campaign

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your process and the entire campaign can help you create a more efficient telesales strategy. You can have the campaign manager or team leader do regular call monitoring and feedback, then make strategic changes based on it. It can be as simple as changing your goals and tone or asking different sets of questions. Doing this can give you a significant productivity boost

In Conclusion

Doing telesales is not always a cakewalk. So the next time you think about your campaign, consider these tips to create a strategic process or improve your overall telesales service. These points could make your campaign more effective and could set you apart from the crowd, bringing you on top of the competition.

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