Public Holidays in Colombia in 2024

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As of January 2022, Colombia celebrates a total of 18 public holidays. As a predominantly Catholic country, many holidays, such as Semana Santa, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Christmas, and All Saint’s Day, hold religious significance. While these holidays have spiritual roots, Colombia also celebrates national festivals and secular holidays.

Why is it beneficial to be informed about the Colombian holidays?

For employers and managers, it’s beneficial to know these holidays ahead of time so teams can better organize their workload delegation. This also helps manage expectations and accountability among team members. 

Discussing vacation time in advance emphasizes maintaining a healthy work-life balance and supporting their mental health with their needed out-of-office leaves.

Colombian Public holidays to look out for in 2024

Date Day

Public Holiday

January 1, 2024  Monday New Year’s day
January 8, 2024  Monday Epiphany (Día de Los Reyes Magos)
March 25, 2024 Monday Saint Joseph’s Day
March 28, 2024 Thursday Holy Thursday
March 29, 2024 Friday Good Friday
May 01, 2024 Wednesday Labor Day
May 13, 2024 Monday Ascension Day
June 03, 2024 Monday Feast of Corpus Christi
June 10, 2024 Monday Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
July 01, 2024 Monday Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
July 20, 2024 Saturday Independence Day
August 07, 2024 Wednesday Battle of Boyacá
August 19, 2024 Monday Assumption of Mary
October 14, 2024 Monday Columbus Day
November 04, 2024 Monday All Saints’ Day
November 11, 2024 Monday Independence of Cartagena
December 08, 2024 Sunday Immaculate Conception
December 25, 2024 Wednesday Christmas

Being informed about these dates is not just about planning long weekends; it’s also about staying connected to the rhythm of the local culture. Keep an eye out for any adjustments by the local government, ensuring you’re always in the loop to coordinate leave days with your teams seamlessly.

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