How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely

How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely - Blog - Booth & Partners

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How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely - Blog - Booth & Partners

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more employees are being asked by companies to work from home and remain safe while maintaining a good work-life balance. With this, the struggle of employees to find a sense of calm and stability continues to increase. Despite the many benefits of remote work—increased productivity and flexibility, zero commutes, and reduced carbon footprint—this work arrangement could make it harder to unplug from your workday, resulting in exhaustion and severe burnout.

When employees are inspired and urged to achieve a better work-life balance, they tend to be more motivated, creative, and efficient in accomplishing their tasks.

Create a healthy morning routine.

There is no better way to kick off your day with a well-established morning routine. Making your bed to begin with will make you feel like you have already accomplished something. Bodyweight exercises can also keep you energized for the entire day and a plateful of healthy high-protein breakfast can keep you full all morning, thus avoiding those frequent trips to the kitchen while working.

Make a to-do list before you start your day.

Getting your tasks done in a day can be quite a struggle, and that is where to-do lists can make your life so much easier. Ticking off projects can be rewarding, especially when you feel like you have low levels of productivity which can affect your morale. Furthermore, it is important to set an organized schedule for yourself throughout the day. Working from home is relatively more relaxed compared to an office environment, so imposing a structure can help you become laser-focused on the tasks at hand.

Designate a workspace.

Establish a dedicated workspace within your home that is different from where you relax or get some rest. Avoid working on the couch with the television on, or worse, on your bed where you can easily lie down and take a nap. Instead, work from a table or a desk so you know that when you go to that spot, it is time to get back to work.

Take breaks.

It is crucial for employees’ physical and mental health to take frequent breaks. Take some time to move around your home, listen to music, or munch on a light snack—anything to get your eyes off your laptop screen for a while. A designed quiet space that includes lush greeneries and comfortable seating also helps when you need to take a mental break.

Join engagement activities.

With the right tools and several creative minds, companies can surely come up with fun and engaging activities that can boost morale, and joining such can help you know more about other colleagues outside your team. Not only does it increase team collaboration, it also keeps corporate culture alive. The clincher is you get to be entertained, and win prizes at the same time!

Take time to socialize.

Loneliness can be one of the biggest struggles of a remote worker. Aside from being unhealthy, this can also affect your social relationships. Employees who are working from home do not enjoy the luxury of interacting with those in the office. Take some time out of your schedule for socializing, during which you will do no work at all. Catch up online with an old pal, play board games with your family, or have a Netflix party with your friends.

Make the most of your leaves.

Get much-needed downtime every now and then. Taking your vacation leave is your time to fully recharge and relax, and if you do not commit yourself to that, your time off may be completely counterproductive. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, our movements are limited. Stay home, pamper yourself, and simply relax without thinking about work.

Find after-work hobbies.

If you still have the energy to pursue your hobbies after your workday, especially if it makes you really happy, feel free to do so. You can do some light reading, work on your passion project, or practice yoga poses that can help quiet the mind and prepare yourself for a deep and restful sleep.

Work-life balance - Blog - Booth & Partners

Source: People Matters 

Remote work often blurs the line between personal and work life. In the long run, and if not given attention to immediately, this can cause decreased productivity, severe burnout, as well as mental and emotional exhaustion. Work-life balance in the time of COVID-19 is essential to employees’ personal happiness and growth. No matter how hectic your schedule might be, you ultimately have control over your time and life. Make sure to develop a healthy routine and maintain a sense of work-life balance, no matter where your work remotely.

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