The Single Best Reason Why Outsourcing to the Philippines Equates to Success

The Single Best Reason Why Outsourcing to the Philippines Equates to Success

There’s a more important reason other than cost saving as to why foreign companies choose to outsource in the Philippines.

When it comes to top Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destinations, expect the Philippines to be included in the conversation. This comes as no surprise since small to medium-sized businesses mainly want to reduce costs, and they can save the most, as much as 70% on operational costs, by outsourcing to the Philippines.

Yet, there’s another reason why foreign companies outsource to the Philippines. A reason that others believe is paramount to cost reduction – FILIPINOS. BPO companies in the Philippines are stacked with a workforce composed mainly of young, skilled and educated Filipinos with good spoken English language skills. Aside from these strong points, Filipinos have other attributes that help contribute to the success of foreign companies who partner with Philippine-based outsourcing firms.

Here are 5 Filipino Attributes that help contribute to the outsourcing success in the Philippines:


  • Honest

On the whole, Filipinos are honest people and this attribute is especially important when you’re dealing with a remote employee. From sensitive information such as credit card numbers to email addresses, you have complete confidence that the information handed won’t turn into a personal gain. Their honesty is also a reason for you to sleep well at night knowing they are doing their work rather than wasting time on personal matters.

  • Hard Worker

This is innate in Filipinos because they take pride in having a strong work ethic. They don’t want to disappoint, hence they make it a point to finish the work or project on time and with no excuses. No half-hearted efforts here, only a determined mindset to lead to the best result.

  • Loyal

You can count on Filipinos through thick and thin. No amount of cash or personal favor will distort their loyalty, because they value belongingness. Loyalty and commitment mean turnover in your business is not something to worry about. Less turnover means you don’t need to recruit new workers every few months and repeat the training process.

  • Problem Solver

Whether big or small, Filipinos are great at providing solutions to problems. They face the challenge head on and strive to overcome them. This attribute ensures that you have someone working for you that can analyze, make a tough decision and conquer problems – qualities of a leader in the making.

  • Goes The Extra Mile

Business owners or bosses love it when a task is done and expectations are met. But they love it even more when the worker takes it a step beyond expectations and the results are better than imagined. This is what Filipinos do. They like to excel and please you at the same time. This trait is something business owners truly value because it goes back to hard work and putting effort to the assigned project or task.

The BPO industry in the Philippines is doing well thanks largely to the Filipino workforce. Saving on costs might be the main reason to outsource, but you can’t put a price on the work ethic and attributes of Filipinos that are world renowned.

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