Information & Communications Technologies

Instant messaging, social networks, video chat, voice over IP, broadcast media, audiovisual processing, and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions—from the simplest forms to the complex mechanisms, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have radically changed both a common man’s life and the corporate world.

Thanks to the convergence of several technologies and data and communication transmission lines, ICT in the Philippines and all over the world have provided you an array of new means to communicate in real-time wherever you are, helping shape a global village along the way.

For businesses, ICT means opportunities and conveniences that save costs like automated processes and big data revolution for insights on possible new products and services. It can also improve revenue and customer service engagement.

The boons come with banes, though, as these have also allowed crime to go digital. Criminals can gain access to systems to do unlawful acts like stealing money, intellectual property, or private information, and wreak havoc on systems that manipulate vital infrastructure.

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