5 Clear Signs You Have a Bad Outsourced Staff

5 Clears Signs You Have a Bad Outsourced Staff

Be wary of the signs of a bad outsourced staff for they can seriously hurt your business.

Back then, recruiting and hiring was best done in-house to ensure that important business activities are done correctly and efficiently. It’s only until recently that business owners have come to tap into an enormous source of labor potential – the outsourced staff. From cutting costs to a better quality workforce, an outsourced staff provides a lot of benefits to businesses.

Of course, as an owner, you would want to ensure that you are hiring the right people to join your team since the work output is only as good as the people you hired. If work issues are starting to pile up and they’re just barely meeting expectations rather than attempting to go over-and-above, you need to recognize that your outsourced staff is exhibiting signs of disengagement which can hurt your business.

Here are 5 clear signs you have a bad outsourced staff:


1.  Clock-watching

No matter how cool one’s job is, almost everyone gets excited for lunch breaks and quitting time at the end of the day. It’s perfectly normal. It’s another matter altogether if your staff is obsessing over the time in a bid to get work done as soon as possible. The worst is when your staff is happily counting down the minutes till it’s clock out time.

2.  Productivity is Down

To succeed in business, expectations must only be met but rather exceeded. The staff you hired should strive for that mentality as well. If notice them starting to meet only the bare minimum goals and they’re not cranking out a ton of work like they used to, those could be signs that they no longer care about their work. But if they are genuinely struggling, it would help by intervening at one point to pitch options.

3.  No Communication

Communication is important in business, most especially when you’re dealing with an outsourced staff. Although it’s challenging to communicate with a team who is out of your sight, a day shouldn’t go by without speaking to them at least once. If your emails and messages are not being reciprocated in a timely manner, and your phone or video calls are being ignored, then there’s a chance they’re just not interested in engaging with you.

4.  Negative Feedback from Customers

A good outsourced staff produces great work, consistently. On the contrary, a bad outsourced staff is likely to deliver satisfactory work. If you’re getting negative feedback clients or customers about your employees quality of work — and they’ve been happy customers in the past — you may have a bad bunch of employees on your hands.

5.  Lack of Ideas

A good outsourced staff will go out of their way to make their work even better. They come up with ideas to improve the work process not only for the good of the team but for the entire organization as well. What’s more, they aren’t afraid to take or receive feedback as long as they put their ideas in the open. If you don’t hear a peep from your workers along these lines, it’s a sign that you have a bad team of outsourced workers.

Ensuring you have a good outsourced staff starts with the hiring process. Candidates must be both skilled and possess positive work ethics so you’ll have a workforce that pays you back a thousand times over in productivity and in bringing a positive impact on the work environment.

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