Celebrating the Colors of Freedom: Moving for Pride and the Planet

Pride for the Planet

Every year in the month of June, we celebrate Pride Month to support our friends in the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. As a company that values diversity and inclusion, we always think of impactful ways to celebrate the colors of freedom. So this year, Booth & Partners joined the Pride for the Planet, a virtual run and ride event, hosted by WWF-Philippines (World Wide Fund for Nature), the national organization of the WWF International network, working towards environmental conservation and protection. The event is also in partnership with Runrio Inc. 

Why wait for the next few years to come when we can act today? Booth & Partners is the major partner for the Pride for the Planet event. Apart from supporting our friends in the LGBTQIA+ community, the Pride for the Planet initiative is also to raise awareness among businesses and individuals about the urgent environmental issues that we need to address such as biodiversity and climate crisis. We’re working together to ensure that the present and next generations will enjoy a healthy planet for everyone today and in the future. 


All Colors for Nature

Recognizing the vital role of the LGBTQIA+ community in supporting equal opportunities for everyone, Pride for the Planet features the significant role of the community in both inclusivity and biodiversity conservation. It serves as a call for everyone, regardless of gender, color, qualities, abilities, and many more to help protect the planet and the environment. 

Pride for the Planet is a virtual, self-paced fun run that will run for the whole month of June. We have invited 200 of our employees to join the event whether they’re up for a more challenging run or one that’s just enough for their strength. Participants have the option to choose the distance they aim to finish: 

      • 10 KM Distance
      • 20 KM Distance
      • 40 KM Distance
      • 60 KM Distance

All finishers will receive an e-certificate and a commemorative finisher’s kit. Plus, they will get a chance to win special raffle prizes from the raffle partners including The Gay Agenda, Milkwear, Purveyr, NEO, Jump Manila, Hull and Stern, Avant Athletica, Canva Philippines, and Knog.

The LGBTQIA+ community has been proactive in driving environmental conservation efforts with different organizations around the world that are working to protect and save the planet. Actions for nature and biodiversity make a culture of inclusivity, with everybody playing their part in our community and environment. 


Supporting Efforts for the Environment & Community

Pride for the Planet aims to raise funds to support WWF-Philippines’ conversation efforts, particularly the Build Back Better Boats #BigayTibay campaign for our fisherfolk in the province of Albay which aims to support and promote sustainable fishing.

The Build Back Better Boats project provides local fishers with boats that are designed to withstand rough waves and unfavorable weather conditions. The project also provides capacity training which will help members of the local community acquire new skills and create additional livelihood opportunities. This will help create and promote sustainable livelihood, empowering partners in the community. 


About WWF-Philippines

The World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines is a non-government organization (NGO) that takes action and supports environmental causes. They are a part of the WWF International network and has been doing local operations for 25 years now. WWF-Philippines works to improve Filipino lives by crafting solutions to climate change, providing sustainable livelihood programs, and conserving the country’s richest marine and land habitats. The group works with various local partners in the government and private sectors like Booth & Partners that share the same goal.

For more information about the organization and the Pride for the Planet event, follow WWF-Philippines on social media or log on to bit.ly/PrideforthePlanet2022. 

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