Shaping Our Culture: We’re Great Place to Work Certified!

Booth & Partners Great Place to Work Certified

Break out the confetti as we’re officially a Great Place to Work-Certified company! Getting this certification is more than just an achievement for us. It’s a recognition we earned for being a workplace that puts its people first. A great employee experience has always been our top priority and what we believe sets us apart. 

When we started B&P, one of the core reasons was to make a creative and healthy working environment. The Great Place to Work certification solidifies that we are on track with what we set out to do,” says Carmen Booth, CEO of Booth & Partners. “It helps organizations to look into the data of their employees’ individual experiences, have a better understanding of their culture’s story, and ensure an overall great workplace culture,” she added. 

According to the survey conducted by the organization, Great Place to Work, 94% of our employees say that Booth & Partners has a great work culture

GPTW asked Kate, Graphic Designer at Booth & Partners why she thinks B&P is a great place to work. “I love how they align their values with sustainability and social responsibility. They have strong advocacy for going beyond the usual work culture. I resonate with the brand and its goals for the future,” she said. 

Booth & Partners Great Place to Work Certified

Who is Great Place to Work?

Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Its goal is to build a better world by helping organizations develop a high-trust culture. They believe in validating the employee experience and the certification is the first step to understanding how your employee experience stacks up and gets recognized for the great workplace culture you have built. 


What is the Science Behind their Ranking System?

In 30 years of research, GPTW was able to develop a methodology to determine the Certification and ranking of the Best Workplaces. They gather data using a Trust Index© Survey with questions based on the five dimensions of their Trust Model© and a Culture Brief Audit©. The system adds the scores based on 5 dimensions: Credibility, Fairness, Respect, Camaraderie, and Pride. From there, it determines a score and ranking.

Booth & Partners Great Place to Work Certified“B&P is an organization that goes above and beyond for the welfare of its employees. They offer mutual support, promote trust, reward efforts, and ensure that employees know their work is meaningful. Having a proven methodology to determine our scores gives our employees a sense of trust that they are being heard. Having this data will allow us to take actionable steps to improve on key focus areas,” said Josephine Bacsain, HR Manager at Booth & Partners.


What are the Benefits Associated with High Trust Cultures?

  • A 2018 millennial survey report highlights the expectation of working in high-trust cultures is growing; having a certification can help us recruit new employees, retain existing ones, open partnership opportunities, and we are experiencing this firsthand in the conversations with our Tribe.   
  • Employee retention’s been shown to be better in high trust companies: the 2016 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® report showed an average voluntary turnover rate of just 10% of employees who worked in a high trust work environment and our turnover rate at. 
  • A high trust culture nurtures collaboration and creativity, encouraging employees to innovate. 


Where Do We Go from Here?

We did not do this alone. It requires dedication and commitment not only from the founders but from the entire organization—all employees and all our clients. So we thank everyone for joining us on this journey!

Our goal is to continually improve our employee experience to not just be good but to be the very best! We will work on the things that will make us even better. 

The employee experience is a continuing journey and GPTW provides us with our culture’s story through data so we can help everyone in our organization understand where we are as a company and where we want to be. 

At the heart of our workplace culture are the experiences every employee has at work and more than anything, we take action from the feedback we have received and work to maintain a great place to work for our employees. 

If you’re looking to hire talented professionals who can help scale up your business and shape a great company culture, partner with a Great Place to Work-certified company like Booth & Partners. Get in touch with us today and we will help you fill the roles you need.

Are you a job seeker looking to jumpstart your career in a company that provides a good employee experience? and is a Great Place to Work Certified? Apply now at Booth & Partners!

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