10 Best Free Google Certification Courses & Training in 2023

10 Best Free Google Certification Courses & Training in 2021

Certification by Google is something everyone in different spheres of IT and digital marketing want. It enhances their opportunities of getting a superb job with top organizations. Or maybe, Google itself?

Perhaps you’re unaware, but the Internet giant, Google, offers as many as 10 best and free courses with certification. This might sound incredible to some, yet it’s true. There are at least 10 best free Google certification courses with training that you can take in 2023.

Reasons to Take Google Certificate Courses

Google has an online academy known as Google Digital Garage. They offer several online courses, either directly or generally through various e-learning portals.  These certifications from Google are very useful for your career.

  • Attaching printed certificates from Google with your CV or Resume can help you get that dream job.
  • Freelancers can state they’re Google certified for their skills while applying for freelance work.
  • Google certifications can be mentioned on your LinkedIn profile for personal branding and getting job offers.
  • Certification by Google indicates you’re serious about your profession and possess the necessary skills.
  • You can learn and fine-tune various skills by taking google free courses with certifications.

As we can see, there are several benefits of doing an online course from Google with certification. Now let’s view the 10 best free Google certification courses.

10 Free Google Certification Courses & Training

1. Google IT Support Professional Certificate

The topmost course I suggest is Google IT Support Professional Certificate. This is a free program where anyone from anywhere can register for and take online. For this course, Google provides various resources free of cost.  This course teaches you five different skills. And upon successful completion, you get a certificate from Google. The course syllabus includes IT support fundamentals, computer networking, operating system, IT infrastructure services, among other topics. This free online course is available from Coursera.

2. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

This is an eight-month course that consists of six modules. This course enables IT experts to learn Python, Git, GitHub, and IT automation, among other subjects. This course could help you find jobs at middle and senior-level IT management levels at various organizations. The course teaches you Python in a manner that you could use to automate various tasks. You’ll also acquire a lot of problem-solving skills and use automation, configuration management, and shift operations to Cloud-based platforms. This course is also available in select foreign languages such as French and German, among others. You can do this course during your spare time. The course is available free of cost from Coursera.

3. Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate covers topics such as Google BigQuery and Qwiklabs. In general, this course provides practical experience in various subjects that could help you work as a data engineer. At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Google. Some of the key topics covered by this course include big data, analytics, and machine learning, among others. Additionally, you will acquire the skills necessary to use Google cloud services. This course has a three-month duration and can be done with flexible hours. You can access this intermediate-level course from Coursera.

4. Firebase in a Weekend

Choosing and developing projects on Firebase, data storage and remote configurations over Cloud-based platforms are some of the skills you’ll acquire from Google’s free course- Firebase in a Weekend. This course also teaches Firebase security, permissions, data protection, data analysis, and lots more. You can acquire superb skills in allowing and denying full or limited access to an organization’s data using Firebase. Some portion of encryption technology is also provided through this course. The Firebase in a Weekend course from Google is available free from Udacity.com. You can get a certificate for completing this course. Overall, you can complete this course in a month.

5. Android Basics by Google

One of the most popular courses from Google is the Android Basics by Google. This course is for budding Android developers that have no previous skills in computer and software programming. Here you will learn all about becoming an Android developer, such as skills to create apps and other Android-based applications. Main topics include the Android user interface, Android user input, development of multiple screen apps, and use of Booleans, among other subjects. This course includes real-world projects from various industry captains, personal coaching, and career guidance. And you can do this course with flexible hours too. This course is available from Udacity.com.

6. G Suite Administration Specialization

Google Professional Workspace Administrator Professional Certificate course is all about industry-wide practices for data protection of users. This is a course related to cybersecurity. Upon successful completion of this course, you would have the skills necessary to identify security threats and events while preventing data breaches, hack attempts while defending your network and data. This course includes tutorials on the configuration of G Suite, prevention of malware, ransomware, spamming, and spoofing attacks by humans or computers configured to launch a cyberattack automatically. Key topics in this course include management of G Suite, security and mail management as well as encryption for data protection. You can get a certificate for completing this course from Google. The course includes several interactive quizzes and videos for self-learning with flexible hours. This is a three-month beginner-level course available from Google through Coursera.

7. Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process

This course from Google provides skills that teach you to deploy Google Compute, architecting, and Google Kubernetes, among other skills. It starts with an introduction to Google interface, Google Cloud, and their uses. This is an intermediate-level course available from Google. This course combines presentation, on-hand training, and workshops. It could help you develop Google Cloud applications economically, with total reliability. This is a course that offers certification and is available through Coursera. However, this is an intermediate-level course.

8. Google Ads Certifications

Google Ads Certification is a free course with certification. This certification is a ‘must have’ for any aspiring or fresher digital marketer. Because it can help open doors to some of the topmost organizations for work. This course is also ideal for bloggers, bloggers, and digital marketing trainers. By doing this course designed by Google Ads experts, you can easily become a veteran digital marketer. Topics covered include the use of Google Ads for promoting businesses, marketing campaigns on Google. This course is directly available from Google Digital Garage and provides you with a certificate of completion.

9. Google Python Course

The Google Python Course targets fresher candidates that have little or no experience in Python programming but wish to acquire the necessary skills. This is a wonderful course that comes with downloadable material, videos, and various workshops, tests, and quizzes. Available from Google Digital Garage, this course provides certification upon completion. Google is providing this course for people especially to learn Python skills since it looks at wider use of this programming resource. for people with little programming experience who want to learn Python. The syllabus includes basic Python and its lists and strings, text files, processes, and HTTPS security for websites.

10. Google Ads Video Certification

Google Ad Video Certification can help vloggers and jobseekers. It teaches you skills for advertising with videos on YouTube, which is a subsidiary of Google. This is a free certification course directly available from Google Digital Garage. Completing it helps you get skills on running YouTube ad campaigns and lots more. The syllabus includes effective use of Google Ads, making campaigns and identifying videos for the campaign, the cost to conversion rates, effective use of Google Trends for ad campaigns, and lots more.

In Conclusion

As we can see, there are as many as 10 best free Google certification courses available from Google Digital Garage and other sources. All these courses are usually created by faculty members of various top American universities. They can equip you with the skills necessary to make a mark in the cyber world. Since Google is the single-largest search engine and one of the topmost Internet companies in the world, a certificate from them helps you further your career. All these courses I mention are free and can be done with flexible hours. They could help you find a dream job or enter the field of freelancing. Try any of these top 10 courses. They’re available for learners around the world.

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