Guest Posting Guidelines

Here at Booth & Partners, we welcome contributors, as well as those who want to expand their audience and gain more traction through guest posts or link exchanges. They are an essential part of the community that we are continuously building.

What’s in it for you?

Join a growing community of authors and contributors who are committed to helping others with their careers.
Reach a new audience with your content.
Engage in another platform where you can promote your content and your brand.
Get credit for the article with a short bio including a link to your website or blog.

Topics we cover:

Staff Leasing
Managed Services
Company Culture
Remote/Offshore Operations
Hiring Advice/Career Development
Customer Support
IT Industry
Industry Trends/Features


Relevant & Valuable Content:

Write content that is significant and useful.
Make sure that the readers can benefit from your article.
Make sure that the content is in line with one of the topics stated above.

Post Length:

The post must be 800+ words.

Duplicate/Syndicated Content:

All articles must be original and never published elsewhere.
We do not accept syndicated or duplicate content.


Articles must be proofread before submission.
Submitted posts that require a lot of editing will be rejected.


We encourage you to follow the 1-2-3 Rule of Linking:

Add ONE link to the body of the article. The link must lead to a blog post on your website.
Links to sales pages, landing pages, and the home page is not accepted in the body of the article.
Add TWO links to other articles from
Add THREE links to authority sites when stating facts, statistics, etc.
Any link that does not add context to the article or looks spammy will not be posted.


Post Format:

Submit the post in a Google Docs format to and
You may also suggest topics that you think may be relevant to our website. Kindly submit these to the email addresses indicated above.

Images & Videos:

If your article needs screenshots or images to support your content, feel free to add them in your submitted post.

Author Bio:

Kindly provide a 3- 4 sentence bio about yourself.
You can add 1 link to your bio that directs to your website/blog.
No anchor texts allowed in the bio.

Response Time:

Once submitted, posts are usually reviewed and approved within 48–72 hours.

We do not accept the following submission formats:

Press Releases/Reports
SlideShare Presentations
Independent Studies
Product Releases
Request for Product Reviews