10 Steps to Outsourcing Done Right

10 Steps to Outsourcing Done Right

Outsourcing is a big decision for any company. For it to work and avoid the bumpy journey, make sure to follow these 10 steps.

For the past few years, outsourcing has really made an impact in the business world. It’s been helping a lot of companies, both big and small, be more efficient and make a profit, which is actually tough to accomplish in a competitive market. They’re succeeding because they are working smarter, not harder, by including outsourcing as part of the business plan.

You can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing too, but first things first, it must be done right for it to be effective and worthwhile. It’s not like rubbing on a magic lamp, wishing and then letting the genie do all the work. You have to do your share of the work to make the magic happen.

Here are 10 steps to outsourcing done right:


1. Analyze your Weaknesses or Areas of Need

Depending on your industry, the tasks you choose to outsource may vary. Generally, what you do is make a clear understanding of what you do best and what are your weaknesses. It will help define tasks that should be done internally versus those that can be outsourced.

2. Designate an Adequate Budget to the Task

If you’re already considering to outsource, then you probably know how much you can invest in getting it done. To give you a good idea of the type of outsourcing budget you should have, determine the overall value in terms of dollars saved or potential dollars made.

3. Find a Reliable Outsourcing Partner

Don’t hire the service of an outsourcing company just because they have a cool website or you’ve heard rave reviews about them. Do your own research. If possible try them out first so you can assess for yourself if they really know what they’re doing.

4. Create a Clear Contract

In business, it’s never a good thing to assume deadlines, delivery dates, payment terms or guarantees. Make sure that the outsourcing contract dictates specific goals and expectations along with the costs and project milestones that need to be reported.

5. Ask for a Guarantee

You can negotiate with the outsourcing company to indicate in the contract to give a money-back guarantee or opt out anytime if you’re not satisfied with the service provided.

6. Give Specific Directions

Don’t assume that the service provider can read your mind, so it’s best to provide defined objectives and measurable goals. If modifications are needed, be precise as possible so the project can move along smoothly.

7. Set Deadlines

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer thing to do, but setting deadlines assure you that they’ll produce the quality work you need at a specific date rather than letting them finish on their own time. The key is to set a mutually agreeable deadline for every project or task assigned.

8. Follow Up

Setting up a check-in date allows you to stay on top of things without coming across as a control freak. After all, you don’t want to end up at the end of the project with something that looks totally different than what you want.

9. Provide Feedback

Make your feedback helpful and specific so service provider you hire can do something with your critique. Keep in mind that the best business relationships thrive and grow because of feedback.

10. Say Thanks

Always express your gratitude for every project or task that’s well done. Show your appreciation to their commitment and hard work through a simple letter, video message or gift basket.

More and more companies have grown due to the help of outsourcing companies. But let’s not forget that the success of outsourcing relies on your awareness of your company’s needs and putting in the effort to make the business relationship work. Everything after gets easier.

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