The 5 Most Outsourced Back Office Functions

The 5 Most Outsourced Back Office Functions

More and more organizations are getting to understand the benefits of outsourcing their back-office operations. These 5 are the most outsourced.

Outsourcing back-office functions are helping more and more companies get big returns. Not only are they able to improve the quality of their operations but scale their business strategies as well. Of course, the outsourcing partner plays an important part in this success by providing integrated, turnkey administrative solutions that are simple yet highly efficient.

What back-office functions can be outsourced?

Virtually all jobs that don’t require one to be present for client relations and other externally facing tasks can be outsourced. However, it should be remembered that the success of an outsourced function would depend on a company’s nature of business operations.

Here are the 5 most outsourced back-office functions:

1. Data Entry

Data entry is a very wide discipline. It’s basically the process of taking data stored in a certain medium and inserting these into a computer system through a data entry interface. Simply put, it just means copy-pasting data from the source to the destination system.  The complicated part takes place when data has to be researched, identified or need interpretation or the application of business rules before these are entered into a system.

2. Payroll

Back then, it was believed that only established companies with a larger workforce can reap benefits by outsourcing their payroll activities. Now, startups and medium-sized companies are jumping the bandwagon after realizing the importance of outsourcing payroll and accounting activities. Through outsourcing, companies save costs by insulating themselves from what could be costly payroll tax or calculation errors and ensuring employees are paid properly and on time.

3. Human Resource and Administration

Businesses can outsource the entire HR area or just part of the HR function. Human resource outsourcing helps organizations achieve the highest level of employee satisfaction and streamlined business processes by freeing up their precious time and developing a better HR strategy which includes screening and hiring, auditing, compensation, leave management, retention, performance management and building better procedures and workflows.

4. IT Support

IT is one of the most important functions in any company and one of the vast areas in outsourcing. Post sales support or technical support is vital to any company to obtain customer satisfaction and hence customer retention, which is why queries or issues from customers must be dealt by a team of professionals with sound technical expertise and customer service experience.  An outsourced IT provider will have staff up-to-date on tools and trends, as well as provide support and remote assistance that can be difficult for a small business to manage in-house. Other advantages include access to inexpensive storage, cutting-edge security, and disaster-recovery services.

5. Marketing and Public Relations

If you’re a startup, small business, or an organization, you probably know that marketing your brand can take up plenty of your time, a commodity you can’t afford to waste. Outsourcing your digital/inbound marketing tasks can help you strategize and execute across multiple marketing channels while you focus on executing on other business functions. You’ll not only get all the perks of having an awesome marketing staff, but you can stick within your budget as well.

The decision to outsource your marketing team is a key step if you want to lighten the load of your company and focus on more of its important aspects. Furthermore, you’ll feel more secure with the marketing strategies developed and exerted because they are in expert hands.

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