Celebrating Impact: Booth & Partners Among Finalists in the 2023 OA Outsourcing Impact Awards

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Booth & Partners, a leader in corporate social responsibility, is thrilled to announce our recognition as one of the 26 finalists in the prestigious 2023 Outsource Accelerator (OA) Outsourcing Impact Awards. This nomination is a testament to our outstanding contributions to the outsourcing industry, particularly our efforts to drive positive change for communities and the environment.

The OA Outsourcing Impact Awards, known for acknowledging organizations that champion transformative impacts in outsourcing, have recognized our company for our exceptional initiatives in the ‘Outsourcing Impact on Community Building‘ category. This recognition highlights our dedication to uplifting the communities and the environment we serve. Our initiatives not only bolster our corporate culture but also empower our employees individually, providing them with a platform to contribute positively to social and environmental causes.

Booth & Partners beach cleanup 2023B&P Coastal Cleanup 2023 in Cebu in partnership with Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation

As a finalist in the ‘Outsourcing Impact on Community Building’ category, we are thrilled to be featured alongside other industry leaders in the 2023 OA Outsourcing Impact Report. This annual report showcases these selected companies’ compelling narratives and initiatives, highlighting the profound societal changes driven by strategic outsourcing.

The 2023 OA Outsourcing Impact Awards winners will be revealed simultaneously, with the report’s release on October 27, promising an exciting climax to this prestigious recognition.

Jamie Booth, Director and Co-Founder at Booth & Partners, expressed his gratitude, stating, “We are deeply honored to be named as a finalist for this prestigious award. This recognition underscores our relentless dedication to innovation and ethical practices within the outsourcing industry.”

Let's Play Asia with Booth & Partners initiative in BoholB&P in partnership with Let’s Play visited and donated musical instruments to Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School in Bohol

For further information about our impactful initiatives, please visit our website at https://boothandpartners.com/. You can also explore the OA Outsourcing Impact Review at https://impact.outsourceaccelerator.com.

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We impact global start-ups and organizations to ignite their sense of mission and purpose while impacting the lives of underserved communities around the world. 

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