Booth & Partners is #32 in Best Places to Work in Asia


Founded in 2013, Booth & Partners is an outsourcing and workspace solutions company that aims to impact global start-ups and ignite their sense of purpose. Through this vision, we’re able to achieve the place #32 ranking in the Best Places to Work in Asia list by Great Place to Work.

What Does It Mean to Be a Best Place to Work?

More than a Ranking

For Booth & Partners, achieving the status of a Best Place to Work signifies much more than a mere acknowledgment of our unwavering commitment to prioritizing our people. It serves as both a reaffirmation and a gentle nudge. It reaffirms the profound impact of our efforts in creating a workplace that supports employee well-being and growth. Simultaneously, it gently nudges us, reminding us that there are always more opportunities to further contribute to their holistic growth.

Reaching the Standards

Great Place To Work selected the 2023 Best Workplaces in Asia List by analyzing companies’ workplace programs and surveying 2.1 million employees across multiple countries in Asia and the Middle East.

To be considered, companies must first be identified as outstanding in their local region by appearing on one or more of our Best Workplaces™ Lists in Bahrain, Greater China (including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UAE, or Vietnam during 2022 or early 2023. 

Companies rank in three size categories: small and medium (10–499 employees); large (500+ employees); and multinational. They must appear on at least two national lists in Asia and the Middle East and have at least 1,000 employees worldwide with at least 40% (or at least 5,000) of those employees located outside the headquarters country.

An Enduring Commitment

To secure a spot on the Best Places to Work in Asia list, an organization must excel in humanistic values like trust, fairness, and equity, as determined by employee survey responses. Our high scores in these areas not only reflect Booth & Partners’ core values but also underline two of our core values; to provide a holistic employee experience and to exercise individual accountability and collective responsibility.

At Booth & Partners, we champion a holistic employee experience, firmly rooted in our commitment to prioritize our employees’ growth, well-being, and aspirations, tailoring our approach to meet their unique needs. This recent recognition serves as an affirmation that our employees reciprocate this trust. It echoes that we have delivered on our word and promises to the Tribe. There’s no bolder statement than the collective response of our employees themselves.

Our Journey to #32

Remembering Our Humble Beginnings

We grew into the organization that we are now because of the Tribe members, clients, and partners that we met along the way. We started with one headquarters in the Philippines and expanded globally to Colombia ten years later, with a satellite office in Cebu and three more offices in Metro Manila’s renowned commercial business districts in between. By 2023, our Tribe members will have also grown in number, while the clients who have come to trust us will have become more diverse than ever, enabling us to help them ignite their vision in different parts of the world.

The Milestones that Motivated Us

In line with our sustainability goals, we diligently worked towards achieving HIPAA compliance and PCI certification, ensuring that we are not just talking the talk but also walking the walk when it comes to environmental responsibility and data security.

In 2021, our efforts were recognized when we were honored with the Best Sustainability Company of the Year award at the Asia CEO Awards. This accolade reaffirmed that our CSR initiatives were making a positive impact on both our community and our Tribe. It served as a testament to the significance of our purpose-driven approach and a cue to keep on pursuing our sustainable mission.

Furthermore, our commitment to our people and creating an exceptional workplace was recognized when we became Great Place to Work certified in 2022. This achievement was followed by a ranking of #32 as one of the Best Workplaces in Asia, a testament to our dedication to our Tribe’s well-being and holistic growth. These milestones inspire us to keep forging ahead with our mission.

We can also attribute this continuous growth and achievement to our leadership approach and to the culture of learning that we’ve been fostering. At Booth & Partners, we are dedicated to establishing a dynamic and collaborative work environment that transcends traditional hierarchies and job titles. Our belief in breaking free from these boundaries allows us to foster open communication and embrace diverse perspectives, which are vital in driving cultural transformation and process improvement. Through a combination of external training programs and in-house leadership initiatives, we ensure that each individual receives the necessary guidance and opportunities to flourish. 

Workplace Initiatives Shaping our Culture

We adopted a hybrid work model to prioritize sustainability and employee well-being. Over 80% of our Tribe members now have remote work options, providing flexibility and autonomy and improving their productivity and work-life balance

We have recently introduced dedicated teams, namely the People and Culture Team and the People and Engagement Team, whose sole focus is to cultivate a thriving workplace environment. Through our People and Culture team, we aim to go beyond the basics by addressing feelings of burnout, ensuring inclusivity, providing support, and enabling our employees to create their best work regardless of where they are in the world.

Additionally, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives play a significant role in fostering a culture of inclusivity at Booth & Partners. By participating in CSR activities driven by our commitment to contribute 1% of our profits to The Planet, we actively engage in meaningful and purposeful endeavors that unite our employees for a greater cause.

As we shift from the worker-as-cog to employee-as-human paradigm, we foster a more balanced, human connection between leaders and teams. Our ‘Intrinsic Motivation and Purpose-Aligned Learning Model’ empowers learners and leaders, creating a meaningful work experience where the organization’s mission aligns with individual purpose and intrinsic motivation.

The Employee Experience

What Our Tribe Members Has to Say

At Booth & Partners, we believe that the true essence of our success lies in the experiences and voices of our Tribe members. Just as Thea, our Executive Project Manager, expresses her gratitude, says,“…I’ve started last May so I still consider myself a newbie. I am grateful to be part of B&P and to be mentored by inspiring leaders. I have work-life balance here, and that’s the most important thing for me as a mom.”

Concon, our Senior Marketing Specialist, shares a remarkable five-year journey with us, and her words beautifully encapsulate what makes Booth & Partners unique. “My five years at B&P have been an incredible journey of growth and positive change. What truly sets B&P apart is its vibrant and collaborative culture. Here, everyone is not just a colleague but a supportive teammate. Our leaders lead with kindness and approachability, making us feel heard and valued.”

Our leaders, like Carmen and Sang, lead with kindness and approachability, ensuring that each voice is heard and every contribution is valued.

These testimonials reaffirm our commitment to creating an exceptional workplace where personal and professional growth thrives and where every member feels a sense of belonging and support. The experiences of our Tribe members fuel our mission to continue evolving and providing the best possible work environment for all.

Out of 451 survey responses, 93% of our Tribe members agree that Booth & Partners is a Great Place to Work. This reinforces the trust we have built with our Tribe members over the years.

The Unique Tribe Experience

At Booth & Partners, our unique workplace embodies diversity and collaboration. With a global workforce, our Tribe collaborates seamlessly from various corners of the world, creating a richly diverse environment. Our commitment to inclusivity and belonging is woven into our mindset, requiring continuous and conscious dedication to cultivating a culture of human connection. We carefully consider every aspect of the employee journey to nurture a sense of belonging, resulting in deeper relationships and an environment where everyone thrives with support. Additionally, our strong social and environmental commitment empowers both employees and clients, engaging them in initiatives that drive positive social and environmental change.

We prioritize our teams’ well-being with Maxicare HMO benefits to cover mental health. Plus, our office has dedicated nurses and counselors for immediate support. As part of our wellness initiatives, we offer salary loans in partnership with SAVii, ensuring our Tribe’s holistic wellness and financial security.

The Impact on Our Business

The Positive Ripples of being a Great Place to Work 

We believe that a great workplace culture starts with our people. Empowering them to thrive means creating a culture and environment for them where they’re enabled to engage, connect, and grow holistically by recognizing their wins and unique contributions to the company.

When people are empowered, they expand and flourish. They become more confident, committed, strategic, intuitive, creative, and analytically competent. As a result, this collective growth is the main driving force behind our business’s success. This recognition also helps us attract top talent and improve our retention rate. When potential applicants see that a company values its people, they are more inclined to seek employment there. Furthermore, a positive work environment aids in retaining valuable team members, reducing turnover and its associated costs.

Being recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Asia is more than just a badge of honor; it’s a testament to the profound impact of a positive workplace culture on various facets of a business. Happy employees are at the heart of this success, and their contentment ripples through the organization, manifesting in improved productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Thank You to Our Team

This achievement is a reflection of our Tribe members’ trust, unwavering dedication, and valuable contributions to our company. As we celebrate this milestone, we hope they can sense the immense pride and appreciation we have for each of them. Together, we’ve achieved incredible feats, and we believe there are even greater heights to reach.

Our Dedication to Excellence

At Booth & Partners, we’re committed to maintaining and elevating our exceptional workplace culture. To achieve this, we’re working closely with our specialized People and Culture team. This team will nurture a culture of connection and engagement, ensuring that all Tribe members feel valued, irrespective of their location.

We’re also strengthening our culture of recognition, which celebrates our Tribe members’ achievements throughout their journey with us. This motivates our team and bolsters our community spirit. Recognizing the evolving work landscape, we’re launching engagement initiatives tailored for our hybrid workforce to foster belonging across geographical boundaries.

In addition, we’re embarking on a blended-learning journey, shifting from a “know it all” to a “learn it all” mindset. This will build a dynamic community of learners and leaders, enhancing our organizational effectiveness. 

We’re determined to build on this recognition and reach even greater heights. We’ll continuously seek opportunities for improvement, ensuring Booth & Partners remains an exceptional workplace for all our Tribe members.

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