Top 5 Outsourcing E-books You Can Download for Free

Top 5 Outsourcing E-books You Can Download for Free

Outsourcing is simply a great business driver. You can learn everything there is to it through e-books loaded with information and insights.

Companies are always on the lookout for a strategy that can boost their productivity and help them grow. They know that the business world is too ever-changing, cutthroat and dynamic to rest on one’s laurels. Fortunately, such a strategy exists – it’s known as outsourcing.

Some directly relate outsourcing to cost reduction, but it’s more than that, it also helps maintain the efficiency in core operation. If you’re considering to outsource your business tasks, it’s best that you gather all the important information you need. We’ve compiled a list of e-books you can download that can help you on your journey to outsourcing done right. The best part is, they’re free!

Here are the top 5 outsourcing e-books you can download for free:


1. Your Essential Guide to Working with IT Companies

Author: SoftwareHut

If you are a C-level executive, business owner, or a professional, then this e-book is for you. Know more about how to plan and execute projects involving remote IT teams, as well as find tips and checklists on managing IT and software development projects.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
– Decide between in-house and outsourced software development
– Choose nearshoring or offshoring development destinations
– Prepare to contact an IT company for an estimation
– Choose the best vendor for your project
– Understand and manage different roles in an IT project
– Start the project off on the right foot

Download here

2. Outsourcing 101 – How, When and Where to Outsource

Author: Venturepact

Outsourcing is complicated. Reading this ebook will help make sure you don’t overpay and avoid all the mistakes that even the professionals make.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
– When not to outsource
– How to be fully prepared
– How to negotiate and win
– How to structure secure contracts

Download here

3. Business Growth and the Outsourcing Lifestyle

Author: Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker’s first ebook launched explores the idea of outsourcing certain parts of business processes, as well as the difference between utilizing professional outsourcing set-ups, and more entrepreneurial types.

This ebook includes the following topics:
– What is Outsourcing, and How Does it Work
– Top 10 Ways to Identify a GREAT Outsourcing Partner
– The Philippines – A Worldclass Outsourcing Destination

Download here

4. The 10 Common Mistakes of Outsourcing

Author: Connor Gillivan

This ebook by Connor Gillivan explains what outsourcing is and aims to educate business owners of how to avoid the usual mistakes when building their first remote team.

What you’ll learn from this ebook:
– Outsourcing
– 10 Mistakes of Outsourcing

Download here

5. Business Process Outsourcing – Everything You Need To Know

Author: Pipefy

Do you know what BPO (business process outsourcing) is and how your company can benefit from it? It’s ok if you don’t. This ebook will help enlighten people who think outsourcing is something only large corporations could benefit from.

Everything you need to know about outsourcing:
– What is it
– How does it work
– Why and what to outsource and much more

Download here

Nowadays, business owners are lucky that so much useful information can be obtained with just a click of a mouse. It’s up to them on how they will absorb and apply the knowledge so that their business may benefit from it. Remember, outsourcing can only work to its full potential if they also do their part.

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