Managed Customer Service

Managed Customer Service

The customer service support team of an organization is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the customers’ concerns are addressed in a manner that leaves them feeling good and confident in the ability of the brand to meet their needs.

Our affordable, scalable, and reliable managed customer service solutions aim to achieve top-notch results and practice full transparency, flexibility, and a commitment to developing a mutually beneficial partnership with all our clients. We ensure that team members are carefully selected, their training records are audited, and their competencies are continuously reviewed and enhanced. Our customer support solutions are further supported by a work environment that ensures total integrity and promotes accuracy and quality.

What Managed Customer Service Provide

Email/Phone Support

Answering of General Inquiries about the Product/Services
Answering of Basic Account Inquiries
Booking/Order Processing
Tracking of Shipment and Status Inquiries
Management of Inbound and Outbound Phone Inquiries

Back Office/Admin Support

Proactive Tracking of Orders/Shipments
Data Entry
Record Maintenance
Invoice Management
Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivables
Data Banking and Reconcilations
Daily Tracking Report

Chat Support

Management of Incoming Chat Inquiries
Documentation for Appointments and Soft Sale Opportunities
Identification and Assessment of Customers’ Needs and Satisfaction
Professionally and Proactively Providing Exceptional Customer Interaction and Customer Support

Benefits of Our Managed Customer Service to Your Business

More time to focus on key business tasks
Work on tasks that can establish your products and improve your sales, rather than deal with operational issues that may distract you from reaching your business goals. By opting for our managed customer service solutions, you can allocate your time to developing and growing your organization. Our team of dedicated and passionate individuals will do the rest.

Reduced management issues
We have a professional human resources team and a group of talented leaders who will guarantee that your own team is performing at its fullest potential as they provide your customers with the best customer care solutions. We will handle attendance and performance reports, while you are responsible for task allocation.

Access to a large talent pool
Sitting atop the list along with Singapore, the Philippines dominates the entire Asian region in terms of English proficiency. This opens up a lot of opportunities in the outsourcing industry, which is why we are one of the leading outsourcing destinations on a global scale. With this, companies can hire a talented workforce in the Philippines with ease and with time to spare, and our years of experience have put us atop the rankings alongside the best in the industry, offering customer support solutions to businesses both locally and globally.

Reduced overhead costs
Once you build your customer service support team with us, we will be responsible for providing their health insurance, benefits, taxes, and other expenses that can cost you a lot of time and effort. We will be shouldering the costs entirely. Taking care of your team and their well-being is one of our priorities as this creates a positive work environment where they can create their best work.

Increased flexibility
With us managing your customer service function, you become more flexible in terms of adding or decreasing manpower, depending on the needs of the project. This can be a game changer for many businesses that deal with seasonal spikes of volume. Our team is capable of adapting to these changes by taking a scalable approach to match the demand.

Keeping a harmonious relationship with your clients is key to growing your business, which is why it is essential to maintain your customers’ high satisfaction levels with your products and services through our customer care solutions. With a talented offshore customer service support team that can help you build a positive customer experience, your business and brand will be more accessible to potential clients in no time.


Is my data secure?

As we focus on the security of your data, we implemented strict security measures to ensure the complete confidentiality of all the information you shared with us. Our employees also sign non-disclosure agreements and any data security breach will be penalized. Our IT Department has installed Antivirus and firewall measures in compliance with local and foreign data protection policies.

Is there a minimum duration to do business with you?

There is a trial contract period of at least 3 to 6 months. You are free to terminate the contract thereafter with a 30-day notice. This will give us ample time to make adjustments and channelize our resources better.

Is there any training process underlined for your customer service representatives?

We constantly train every team member in a fast-paced environment by letting them handle difficult calls and overcome different situations. They are provided with a short refresher before they take on any new project. Your brand, product, and service manuals are just a few avenues to help them better understand your business.

How do you select your customer service representatives?

We employ a multi-layered recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training process. We conduct pre-employment assessments and competency-based behavioral interviews with qualified candidates. Customer service plays a big role when it comes to ensuring customers are satisfied and happy doing business with your organization. We believe it is crucial that candidates are carefully selected to ensure they can play the role effectively once they get hired.

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