Why Hiring Virtual Assistants in the Philippines Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Why Hiring Virtual Assistants in the Philippines Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Today, many businesses are hiring Virtual Assistants in the Philippines as they have proven to be the key players in the future of the workforce. They are now considered an essential, efficient, and convenient staffing solution as VAs can provide a wide variety of services to entrepreneurs and businesses while helping them reduce operating costs by 78%.

Virtual Assistants can do so much including responding to emails and phone calls, bookings, presentations, data entry, bookkeeping, research, planning, social media management, content writing, and many more. But to succeed in this venture, you need to find the VA that has the right set of skills you need. 

The Philippines is one of the leading providers of virtual assistants around the world because of its continuously growing outsourcing industry. Many Filipino VAs have unique traits and skills that make them exceptional. In this article, we will discuss why Virtual Assistants in the Philippines can help scale your business. 

7 Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

When looking to hire a VA, here are the reasons why Filipinos should be on top of your list.

1. Enthusiastic and with Positive Outlook

One of the best qualities of Filipinos is staying enthusiastic and optimistic even amidst challenging times. In fact, the Philippines ranked 5th in the Economic Optimism Index. They tend to always see the brighter side of things, which is a trait that many companies globally admire as it helps them create a delightful and harmonious working environment. Plus, Filipinos value good relationships, may it be personal or professional. They are naturally friendly and reliable, which makes them trustworthy. 

If these traits are what you’re looking for in a Virtual Assistant, then Filipino VAs would be the most ideal staff for you!

2. Hardworking

According to OFW Update, what many foreign companies love about having Filipino employees is their hardworking nature. They are known to be industrious and don’t just do the job to get it done, they go above and beyond expectations. Who doesn’t want that kind of trait? All businesses do as it can be the key to growing their business and achieving even more.

Another thing is, according to Gallup International, Filipinos are resilient. They will always find ways to deliver and cater to all your business needs, no matter what the situation is. If you ever see a piece of news about a calamity in the Philippines, you can see pictures or videos of people still smiling and waving at the news cameras as if nothing happened and would continue working. And that’s the spirit anyone would want in their business. 

3. Adaptable and Flexible

It’s easy to get along with Filipinos as a lot of them know how to adapt and are always willing to do it. This is why different time zones will not be an issue when you hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines. Many of them can work any time of the day, may it be in the morning or evening, just say it and they will gladly adjust for you. In fact, according to International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 2010, there were already about 42.6% of Filipinos working the night shift and the number has greatly increased a decade after.

Since flexibility is in their blood, most of the time, many of them would generally just say “Yes” to almost every work demand and execute the tasks efficiently. All you need to do is provide them with the important details and they will work their way on it even if it means studying and learning new skills in an instance. Their good attention to detail allows them to easily learn how to do things. Surely, they will get the job well done.

When they lose internet connection, they won’t just sit around and wait for it to come back. Instead, they would run to nearby internet cafes, coffee shops, or wherever they can get internet service. Basically, they will always deliver quality output on time no matter what happens. 

4. Perfect Cultural Fit

The culture, tradition, and overall way of life of Filipinos have been influenced by many countries as they were colonized by Spain, US, Japan, and many more. The previous generations handed down the social mores and values they got to the generations next to them. 

Being a cultural melting pot allows them to work well with people from different countries, especially Western. Their exposure to different cultures makes it easier for them to adapt to every client’s quirks and demands, making them the perfect Virtual Assistants for your business.

Another awesome thing about Filipinos is their effort to study other cultures even through simple gestures. When you visit the Philippines, you’ll notice Filipinos getting along well with tourists from all over the world. This is because they take time to observe and learn the culture of others and are willing to adjust and adapt to show a good relationship and respect. 

5. Have a Good Understanding of Outsourcing 

Because the Philippines is one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world, many people here are already familiar with the concept of outsourcing. 

The outsourcing industry in the country is continuously growing. It is no wonder that many international companies are choosing the Philippines to outsource several business processes. And it’s not just customer service and technical support, they also take care of back-office operations such as accounting, information technology, human resources, and a lot more. This opened thousands of opportunities to Filipinos that made them develop skills and knowledge about the industry. 

Since outsourcing is huge in the Philippines, citizens have absorbed the idea and learned to work remotely. They got used to getting instructions through a phone call, chat, email, and other digital platforms. This is why hiring Virtual Assistants from the Philippines would be a great idea. They know their way to outsourcing, from working with a foreign client and adjusting time zones to working remotely. 

6. High Literacy and English Proficiency Rate

The Philippines has a high functional literacy rate. It was estimated at 91.6% in 2019 according to Philippine Statistics Authority. This is because a lot of Filipinos have high educational attainment. Many of them are university graduates. 

Another big factor for many businesses why they choose to hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines is the high level of English proficiency. In fact, in 2020, the Philippines ranked 27th out of 100 countries and regions in EF English Proficiency Index. And out of 24 countries in Asia that joined the test, the Philippines is at 2nd spot. 

The English language is their primary medium of instruction and many of their citizens even use it in their day-to-day life. This is largely because when the US colonized the country, it influenced its culture, education system, and curriculum. Therefore, even if English is not the language in the household, it is taught to them in school as early as pre-school.

It is no wonder why it seems easy for people from other countries to communicate with Filipinos. The language barrier is not an issue and you can simply collaborate or give instructions to your Virtual Assistant in the Philippines without the hassle of translating. That’s one item off your worries. 

7. Cost Savings

Many businesses choose Filipino Virtual Assistants as they charge less, but deliver more. In fact, for more or less than $5 an hour, you can already get a great VA. Of course, highly specialized skills require a higher rate at an average of $14 per hour, but the good news is it’s still more affordable than your local VAs. Imagine the funds you can save when you hire a Filipino VA who can do almost anything an actual executive assistant can do. 

What’s even better is that you don’t even need office space or purchase materials and equipment for them, such as a desk, computer, and other things. It’s already the Virtual Assistant’s responsibility to set up their own workstation and pay for the costs that come with it. 

In Conclusion

Virtual Assistants in the Philippines can be an immediate contributor to the growth and success of your business because of these great qualities. When you hire them as part of your team, you can expect a good work relationship, cost savings, quality work, and a more convenient business solution. 

Having Virtual Assistants can be more efficient when you hire the right people. Let a reliable outsourcing service provider help you to carefully choose candidates that are tailor-fit to your business requirements. We will work with you throughout the process and make sure you get the VA you’re in perfect harmony with. Plus, our staffing solutions allow you to save money, time, and effort in hiring Virtual Assistants. Contact us to know more about our services. 

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